Waukesha residents look to throw a tea party
Budget ire to bring local protesters to budget hearing

By JOE PETRIE - GM Today Staff

March 21, 2009

WAUKESHA - Some Waukesha County residents upset with Gov. Jim Doyleís proposed 2009-11 biennial budget are throwing themselves a party - a tea party to be exact.

Several Waukesha residents, including local activist Steve Edlund, are planning to hold their own tea party at a budget hearing Wednesday at Wisconsin State Fair Park.




The rally is meant to show their elected officials their disdain for the budget proposals and their concern with the future of the state.

"Iím doing this on behalf of my family. Iím concerned, and I really want my voice heard," Edlund said. "Whatís extremely concerning to me is this budget isnít addressing the problems."

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This story appeared in The Freeman on March 21, 2009.