Porn or not porn, that is the question
Local couple organizes meeting to talk about sexually explicit books offered at library

By DAVE RANK - GM Today Staff

March 27, 2009

West Bend resident Kristina Smithers expresses her views during the meeting to hear opinions about the West Bend Memorial Library offering sexually explicit content through books in their YA (Young Adult) Zone Thursday evening at the Silverbrook Middle School gymnasium in West Bend.


Maybe it's best to start describing Thursday’s citizen meeting organized by Ginny and Jim Maziarka to air their complaints about sexually-explicit books listed for middle and high school students in the city library by first stating what it was not.

It was not a shouting match between cliches for family values and intellectual freedom, although such a divide was apparent in the fifty or so people who were in the Silverbrook Middle School gym last night.

No one was shouted down, censored, booed, hissed or made to feel unwelcomed, although emotions were raw at times for some speakers.

There was no name-calling, foul language or disparaging comments about others.

The Maziarkas asked for civility and they got it Thursday night, in front of cameras from Milwaukee TV stations - two from  Christian-based WVCY-TV 30, print and radio media.

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This story appeared in The Daily News on March 27, 2009.