O‘condo’mowoc series wants you to be part of development discussion

— Enterprise Editorial Board

Oct. 9, 2014

This week the Enterprise is beginning a series of articles headlined “O‘condo’mowoc.”

The name is derived from several social media posts that came in reaction to a new condo development northeast of downtown.

However, the term has become more than a way to identify a perceived glut of condos in the city — it’s come to signify an uneasiness in many residents with the pace of change happening downtown and elsewhere.

The series will use the two current condo projects as a jumping-off point to provide a greater examination of the reality of the situation here.

Fowler Lake Village will feature prominently both because it has become a point of contention in the community and because there is a need for accurate information about the proposed project and the complex issues that surround it.

Twenty people spoke at Tuesday’s Common Council meeting, all of them expressing opposition to the Fowler Lake Village project. The dialogue was lively and the concerns brought forth indicated a keen interest in the myriad issues that any development generates.

Several residents at the meeting said it was their first time at a council meeting, and that is an exciting thing.

Still, some expressed nagging misconceptions about the project as well as valid questions that need to be answered. With “O‘condo’mowoc,” we hope to answer them.

We want to hear what residents have to say. There are nearly 16,000 people in Oconomowoc and it’s swiftly growing. Despite the overwhelming resistance at the meeting last night, the petitioners there represent a small percentage of the wider community.

That’s not to discount their input, but it does raise an interesting question: What does the silent majority think?

We encourage anyone who has an opinion on the current state of development in Oconomowoc to email enterprise@conleynet.com, call 262-513-2661 or post a message for us on Facebook.

As dry as local government can be at times — Tuesday night there was twenty minutes of debate about the annual trick-or-treat times — it is also incredibly important work. The current debate over Oconomowoc’s future isn’t unprecedented, but it is proof that the city’s residents care deeply about its future.

Consider giving us a call, we want to hear from everyone — your concerns, your hopes and your vision of what Oconomowoc was, is and can be.