84South to take shape later this year
Work underway for mixed-use project in Greenfield

By BRIAN HUBER - Conley News Service

Feb. 12, 2016

Work is underway on 84South, a mixed-use residential, commercial and retail project slated for a 40-acre tract of land between 84th and 92nd streets along Layton Avenue in Greenfield. Building
activity could begin as early as this summer.
Brian Huber/Conley News Service

GREENFIELD - Dozens of homes, a school and a church across a 40-acre area of the western side of Greenfield will be replaced with a mixed-use development balancing residential and commercial properties in a development called 84South to take shape later this year.

The entire area between 84th and 92nd streets and Interstate 894 and Layton Avenue was rezoned last spring to accommodate the project. The western third of the project will be multifamily apartments, about 350 to 400 units, and the rest would be commercial, retail, office, hospitality or restaurants, said Chuck Erickson, community development manager.

The project affects 39 homes, a 10-acre Chapman school site, a 10-acre field, a church and a business site. Sales of all of the properties affected have been negotiated, and most of the homes in the area have been vacated. The Layton Avenue Baptist Church is moving a few blocks to the west, and the Steinhafels at the corner of 84th and Layton will move into a newer building on the site, probably early next year, Erickson added.

“So this is for us potentially a once-in-a-lifetime redevelopment project going on given the range of former uses and what are slated to be new uses. So it’s pretty significant,” Erickson said. “The proposed development plan is being done in concert with the previous determination of what the long-range land use plan designation was for this entire area. Having this mixed-use type of development is what was envisioned when the land use plan was adopted in 2008.”

As a result, land now worth about $8 million is expected to generate up to $100 million or more once 84South is fully built out, Erickson said.

Scott Yauck, president and CEO of developer Cobalt Partners, said it’s too early to name names as to who might be moving into 84South, but he’s in discussions with about a dozen retailers. But there also will be restaurants, office space, a grocery component and even amenities like a fitness club, he said.

“It’s a live-work-play environment that isn’t there today and something that meets the demands we are seeing for both millennials and baby boomers - lifestyle, convenience and amenities, more pedestrian-friendly environment, a sense of place.

“The hope would be you could live and also shop there and dine there, and get in a workout, whatever, so that convenience  ... mixed use brings them together in a walkable environment.”

Demolition and relocation of existing structures already is taking place. But as for occupancy target dates, Erickson said that was due in part to market conditions. In addition, the timing of other necessary work to roads, water lines and sanitary sewers will affect how various aspects of the project proceed, he said.

Yauck said he expected construction would start by the midsummer, being built out over the next two to three years. Yauck said so far it has been a great approach in working with Greenfield, with Mayor Michael Neitzke, elected officials and other staff being supportive.

He added his company was behind the White Stone Station in Menomonee Falls, and also pointed to a similar development, Drexel Town Square in Oak Creek, as examples of the kinds of redevelopments suburbs are doing to enhance both quality of life for residents and their tax base.

“They are attracting a lot of demand,” he said.

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