Get some java in Jackson
Vintage coffeehouse opens June 18

By ALEX BELD - Daily News

June 8, 2016

The exterior of the History Log Coffeehouse and Kitchen is seen Tuesday afternoon in the village of Jackson.
John Ehlke/Daily News

A specialty coffee location is opening in Jackson to fill a geographical gap in availability for freshly roasted coffee in Washington County.

History Log Coffeehouse and Kitchen, at N168 W20101 Main St., is housed inside a renovated two-story home, which was built in 1848, the same year of Wisconsin’s statehood. It opens June 18.

Though the exterior has been modernized, the interior may offer a surprise for patrons, with exposed logs from the 1800s, 140 coffee grinders from 1800-1980 on the walls and a seating area that resembles a small street in a European town.

The restrooms are labeled as “Unit 101 Dino Crocetti” and “Unit 102 Norma Mortensen,” the real names of movie stars Dean Martin and Marilyn Monroe, to add to the street aesthetic. “That’s where they live,” said Jack Kulwikowski, owner and founder of History Log Coffeehouse and Kitchen.

A coffee cup logo is seen on the exterior of the coffee shop Tuesday.
John Ehlke/Daily News

The inspiration for the interior came from Kulwikowski’s upbringing in Poland and travels throughout Europe.

“Every single corner, every single room, was designed with a thought,” Kulwikowski said. “I wanted to create a museum-feel.” The coffee memorabilia is from his personal collection.

The 8,600-square-foot location offers 103 seats, including patio seating. For coffee drinkers in a rush, there is a drive-through.

“I spent three years in research,” Kulwikowski said. “Jackson is a growing community, there is traffic on Highway 60 and there is a need.”

“I feel like it will be good in town,” said Rebecca Meeks, Jackson resident and gas station attendant. The closest place to get coffee not from a gas station is at a Starbucks in West Bend, she said.

Kulwikowski said the closest coffee shop he considers to offer specialty coffee is the Colectivo in Grafton, 10 miles east.

Whether in a rush or coming in to sit down, freshly roasted coffee will be available, thanks to the on-site roaster, which is out in the open for patrons to see.

The coffee shop offers a wide selection of roasts as well as milks, ranging from coconut to organic.

“It’s the best milk I have ever worked with or tasted in my life — it steams beautifully,” said lead barista and new resident of Jackson, Katie Lindfors.

The menu at History Log offers soups, hoagies and bakery items, one of which is a donut muffin. Everything will be made from scratch, Kulwikowski said.

There are already 18 employees at the coffee shop and Kulwikowski plans to hire two to three more.

Kulwikowski said he will open a second location if the first is successful, and buildings and materials from the 1800s will be used for future locations.