Longtime chiropractic office closing in Hartford
Dr. James Schimp practiced in community for 58 years

By ALEX BELD - Daily News

June 30, 2016

The Schimp office of Chiropractic is seen Wednesday afternoon in Hartford. The offices will be closing after 58 years.
 John Ehlke/Daily News

After 58 years in Hartford, Schimp Office of Chiropractic is officially closing its doors today. All the doctors located there are moving on and the building is now up for sale.

Dr. James Schimp owned the business at 937 E. Sumner St. until he passed away in April. His son, Dr. David Schimp, practiced there and Jeff Schimp, his other son, acted in an advisory capacity.

“With my father’s death on April 29, that necessitated some changes,” Jeff Schimp said. Closing the practice was the best course of action, he said.

Darlene Stern, a patient of James Schimp and Dr. James Wilke, has been going to the office for about 20 years and was there every two weeks with her husband.

“I am extremely disappointed,” Stern said. “I believe that God will use this for good, for everyone involved.”

Jeff Schimp said his father believed God had given him chiropractic talent to serve both God and people. James was inspired by Romans 12:1-2 and 1 Corintheans 10:31, he said.

There are three other chiropractic offices on the stretch of Highway 60 that comes through Hartford for patients to move on to. The closest to Schimp Chiropractic Office is Hozeska Chiropractic.

“You never want to see someone close their doors,” Dr. Bob Hozeska of Hozeska Chiropractic said. Each remaining location practices differently and the patients from Schimp Chiropractic will likely disperse evenly, he said.

Hozeska has been practicing for 27 years and has been at his current location for the past 22 years.

“I don’t see any big change as of right now,” Hozeska said. The temporary influx of patients will be good for him and then it will calm down, he said.

Other patients, like Stern, will wait for the doctor they were already seeing to open up their own practice.

“I’m looking forward to the quick resumption of Dr. Wilke’s practice,” Stern said. Living on a farm has required her to visit Wilke often, she said.

Other patients will be able to follow David Schimp to his new clinic, which will open Wednesday. David Schimp will temporarily keep his practice at the now former Schimp Office Chiropractic building.

It is possible to find more information on David Schimp’s practice at www.doctorschimp.com.

 Wilke and Dr. Kimberly Anderson, also of Schimp Office Chiropractic, did not respond to calls, but more information on their new locations will be made available at www.schimpchiropractic.com.