Officials planning parking, transportation for 2017 US Open at Erin Hill Golf Course


Sept. 30, 2016

Plans are underway as tournament representatives, Washington County officials and golf course staff prepare the logistics of hosting thousands of spectators for the 2017 U.S. Open Men’s Golf Championship at Erin Hills Golf Course.

Highway Commissioner Scott Schmidt provided an overview of parking and transportation plans, albeit tentative, and supervisors voted to approve permit application for variances to the public right of ways to accommodate the influx of visitors during Wednesday’s Public Works Committee meeting.

Schmidt said officials are planning to have a parking lot in Oconomowoc to accommodate spectators coming from the southern half of the state, and providing busing services from that area to the venue.

“The secondary lot that they are looking at doing is over here in the village of Germantown off of Holy Hill Road and Highway Y,” Schmidt said.

There will be signs to direct them to the lot using particular roads because they want to leave Highway 167 open for buses to transport spectators to Erin Hills.

The third prospective lot will be in the town of Erin to accommodate those who are driving in, at Hall Road and Druid Lake Road.

“Those cars will be coming from Highway 60 and down Highway 83, or all the way up to Highway 60, down Highway 164 to Highway E, to Highway K to Highway E and down Highway 83 to get into that parking area,” Schmidt said. “Those are smaller lots. I don’t want to call them VIP parking, but corporate parking — closer to the event, a little shorter ride. One site, there will be some high-end parking for the golfers, caddies, and those types.”

Schmidt said county officials want to limit traffic on Highway 83 and reserve it to transport emergency vehicles and first responders. The same is true for Highway 167, especially at the intersection of Highway 164.

Schmidt said tournament officials are asking to close Highway O to accommodate buses transporting spectators to and from the event. Residents will be provided passes to allow them passage.

The county is amendable to the closing, but requires a plan before it is able to give its approval.