2017 U.S. Open parking, transportation taking shape
Multiple lots being developed

By Ralph Chapoco - Conley News Service

Oct. 13, 2016

WEST BEND — The U.S. Open Men’s Golf Championship at Erin Hills Golf Course next summer expects to bring tens of thousands of people to Washington County next summer.

Local and tournament officials are busy preparing for the influx of tourists, players and volunteers to the area.

Representatives from the United States Golf Association have formulated agreements or are negotiating terms with area organizations and municipalities to rent plots of land they want to use for parking, including farmland in the Town of Erin and at Washington County Fair Park.

“The U.S. Golf Association approached our organization to secure use of the Fair Park during the time the U.S. Open is going to be held at Erin Hills,” said Dan Dineen from the Agricultural and Industrial Society, the organization collaborating with the USGA.

According to a draft of the agreement, the property will be used for the purpose of parking vehicles, staging shuttle buses, screening individuals and transporting visitors to the event. The term begins June 12 continues through June 18.

Dineen said there are details that still need to be addressed.

“It was mostly issues about who Fair Park is and making it clear in the document that it is the operator of the grounds, known as Fair Park and to clarify there will be attendees for a Rummage-A-Rama that will be scheduled at the same time,” Dineen said.

The latest draft was sent to members of the USGA and officials from the Industrial Society are waiting to learn if they can agree to the terms. The agreement will not cost Fair Park since all of the operational expense will be borne by the USGA who will bring personnel to staff the area.

This is not the only lot dedicated to parking. The Town of Erin also rented property to the USGA for parking purposes.

Municipal Clerk Julie Kriewaldt said USGA members rented about 32 acres of farmland located on the corner of Highways 83 and 167 for two years for almost $7,000 each year.

Mark Davy, an area resident, is preparing the grounds for use.

“I planted all the grass for them,” Davy said. “They wanted grass for people to be able to park, so it is solid.”

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