Deadline passed for owner, Grafton officials forced to clean up gas station

By Melanie Boyung - News Graphic Staff

March 23, 2017

 A Grafton police officer watches as village workers clean up the Clark Station Tuesday after the owner refused to comply with an order to do so.
Photo by Deb Kranitz

GRAFTON Village of Grafton workers were forced to clean the site of the Clark Station left abandoned at 1020 Washington St. after owner Lakeland Real Estate of Franklin failed to comply with a village order.

Lakeland was given until March 15 to bring the property in line with village requirements for property maintenance. No representative from the company appeared at the nuisance hearing over the property, which was left vacant without being cleaned up or maintained in late May or early June of last year.

Workers were only allowed to clean the outside site, but were not legally permitted to enter the gas station. Food and other items have reportedly been left on the shelves since last spring.

Village Administrator Jesse Thyes said they removed debris and trimmed overgrown trees on the property. Plastic wrap was used to cover the gas pumps Police Chief Charles Wenten said that, so far, police have received one complaint about the state of the property, and another when a water pipe burst on the property. He said they could not find anyone with access to the building, and had to turn off the water to the building from the street.

The work the village does to remove the nuisance will be billed to the owner. Thyes said that, as of Wednesday, they did not have a final cost for the clean-up.


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