Home values up an average of 10 percent in Slinger


April 18, 2017

SLINGER — Property owners in the village recently received notice of the new assessment value of their property after a new revaluation was completed.

“We’ve gotten a few more inquiries than usual after they were sent out,” said Village Treasurer Margaret Wilber at the Village Board’s regular meeting Monday night at Village Hall. “We expect there will be a few more people than usual that attend the open book to ask questions about their property’s revaluation.”

Trustee Rick Gundrum said it appeared the value of homes went up about 10 percent. Wilber said that was about right.

“The values of some condominiums also went down,” Wilber said.

Village President Russ Brandt said many property owners might only see a slight increase in their property taxes when all is said and done.

“With the revaluation it will all work out where there shouldn’t be that much of a change for most people,” Brandt said.

Wilber said the village’s assessment ratio for 2016 came in at the 95 percent level.

“That triggered a state contractual requirement to complete a full revaluation,” Wilber said. “The cost for this was included in the current assessment contract which runs from 2014-2018. The new assessment is an estimate of the full (100 percent) market value of properties.”

Open book conferences will be held at Village Hall on April 26.

“We have had a few calls from property owners asking for objection forms and other information,” Wilber said. “We encourage each person to to first meet with the assessor’s staff during the open book since many questions and answered can be resolved directly.”

Village Assessor Michael Grota said in a letter to property owners that was sent with the new assessments, “At this time it is impossible to know what impact, if any, the new assessments will on tax bills for 2017 because the budget process for the schools, state, county and village will not take place until later in the year.”

Grota said his “duty and only concern, was to assign a fair value to each property that is in line with the current market and uniform with other properties. Extensive research into sales and cost approaches were used to arrive at these new assessments.”

The last general revaluation of all property in the village was in 2014 “There was a general increase since 2014 for most properties in the village and the new assessed values are reflective of today’s real estate market in Slinger,” Grota said. “Remember, the best evidence of value is a conventional sale of your property. The next best evidence is a conventional sale of a comparable property.”