All Out Marine wants to reconnect with customers
Open house planned for this weekend


April 19, 2017

All Out Marine, 6638 Nickel Lane, Allenton, will have a grand opening celebration Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the store.
Nicholas Dettmann/Daily News

ALLENTON — At the top of All Out Marine’s website, it says “Going ALL OUT for our customers.”

They aren’t kidding.

“I want to know their dog’s name,” said Jeff Katzer, sales and service manager for All Marine Marine.

The business, 6638 Nickel Lane, Allenton, will specialize in boat sales and repair, but also fishing equipment.

“We’re trying to get back to family,” Katzer said. “Everything is so commercialized. We’re trying to go back a couple of steps and be a family-oriented place.”

The business is co-owned by Jack and Tracey Kuglitsch, who also own Hubertus Car Care in Hubertus. They’ve owned that business for 15 years.

“We wanted to do something a little different,” Tracey said.

Jack and Katzer have been friends for more than 20 years. They are avid hunters and fishermen and love the outdoors.

Several years ago, Katzer moved to North Dakota and was a full-time fishing guide. He was also a successful boat salesman.

About three years ago, Katzer moved back to Wisconsin. One day, he and Jack were talking and the next thing they knew they had an idea to open a marine shop. They wanted to give customers an experience at a store.

“We want to pass on more of a family excitement, hype atmosphere when getting a boat,” Tracey said.

What Katzer and Jack also came up with was a desire to have the best showroom possible.

“We built what we believe is the largest Nitro and Tracker dealership in Wisconsin,” Katzer said. “I have over 10,000 square feet of space.

“Every day is a boat show. We have over 20 rigs on the showroom floor.”

Tracey said a showroom of that size is important.

“A bigger showroom, more to look at, is the biggest difference (compared to other similar businesses),” she said. “It’s nice to see what you’re getting.”

Katzer added he and Jack are a perfect match for anglers. Between them, Katzer estimated they have about 50 years of experience fishing walleye and bass.

“The knowledge of fishing is going to be more than the average boat dealer,” he said.

“We also know how to set up a boat for the person that goes out on a weekend to tournament anglers,” Katzer added. “I know what boat will work best.”

Have a question when you walk into the store? No problem. Katzer said he and the staff will welcome customers with a smile and an attentive ear to address any and all concerns. At the same, they’ll likely offer you something to drink, such as a soda.

“The best thing you can have is the smile on their face when they hook up the boat (to the vehicle),” Katzer said. “That’s what I live for.”

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, All Out Marine will host an open house. The hours are 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday and 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday.

Throughout the weekend, customers can sign up for several raffle prizes.

Among the prizes are fishing guide trips with resort stays, a kayak package and rod and reel combinations.

On Saturday, professional angler Shawn Kahut, along with Marc Jackson from Wacky Walleye Guide Service in Door County, will be on-hand.

From 1-2 p.m. Sunday, Hall of Fame professional angler and the owner of Wacky Walleye Guide Service, Capt. Dale Stroschein, who is also with the U.S. Coast Guard, will give a free onehour seminar.

“I want (customers) to come back and ask questions,” Katzer said, adding he wants customers to call him on his cellphone if they have a question while on their boat.

“That’s how I remember people being treated,” he added.