Delta Defense celebrates opening of new facility in West Bend


June 1, 2017

From left, Delta Defense LLC President and Founder Tim Schmidt, his wife Tonnie Schmidt and U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson prepare to cut the ribbon to celebrate the opening of the company’s new facility in West Bend.
Ralph Chapoco/Daily News

Local, state and federal officials gathered to commemorate the opening of a facility for one of the area’s prominent companies. Delta Defense LLC representatives hosted a ribbon cutting Wednesday to celebrate the completion of their newly constructed 65,000-square-foot facility located along Freedom Way in West Bend. The Rev. Nathan Reeseman blessed the building while Mayor Kraig Sadownikow and U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson congratulated staff and spoke a few words about the site.

“It is so exciting,” President and founder Tim Schmidt said. “The neat thing about building a new headquarters really close to the old one, is that everybody sees the whole process so everyone was so excited, and to actually move in here, it has brought us even closer and tighter together even though we have a lot more room and spread out.”

The company began in 2003 out of Schmidt’s home after what he called a self-defense awakening when his children were born.

“At the time, I owned an engineering business, which is a great business, but this seemed more of a passion,” Schmidt said. “You know what — I can help educate people to become responsibly armed citizens and at the same time create a business out of it, support the community and support the local economy.”

He described the first few years of the business as slow when he was trying to establish it from scratch out of his home.

In 2008, Schmidt had 15-20 employees and about 25,000 customers. Since then, he expanded to 150 employees and clientele totaling more than 225,000 throughout the country.

According to the company’s website, purchasing a membership provides access to a variety of services related to gun ownership, from insurance to protect against lawsuits against potential theft, criminal charges and civil damages. Members are provided a criminal defense attorney for up to $125,000, wage compensation, psychological support and other amenities.

The construction project required about 18 months to complete.

“The design is a combination of simplicity because it makes it more affordable,” Schmidt said. “We also needed room for growth, but at the same time I wanted a central meeting area because of our all hands meeting where the entire company gets together because it is really important for our culture.”

The ground level features a call center that can accommodate 100 people, a fulfillment area that is about 10,000 square feet. There is also a workout area and a cafeteria.

Schmidt also wanted to incorporate technology throughout the space. There are training centers on the second floor, video studio and sound stage. There is also a remote broadcast area to communicate virtually.

“My wife and I are very grateful for all the support we received,” Schmidt said.

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