Dave’s Bagel & Bread to close
Lease will not be renewed next year

By Alison Henderson - News Graphic Staff

June 6, 2017

CEDARBURG — Dave’s Bagel & Bread Café on Cedarburg’s south side, offering breakfast and lunch sandwiches, fresh-squeezed orange juice and smoothies and bagels, breads and muffins made from scratch, will close at the end of this year.

Shop owner Dave Forrest was notified at the end of May that the lease will not be renewed for next year.

The landlord, Concord Development Company, could not be reached for comment before the News Graphic’s deadline, but Forrest said he was told they had a different plan for the building.

Dave’s Bagels has been at its W62 N206 Washington Ave. location for nearly 15 years. Forrest said the business has maintained an amicable relationship with the landlord to this point, and while the news has been very shocking, it is legal.

“There’s nothing improper going on. It’s always up to the landlord what they want to do,” he said.

In Wisconsin, both landlords and tenants have the right not to renew a lease, unless that decision is based on discrimination or retaliation – a tenant attempting to assert their rights, according to the Wisconsin nonprofit, Tenant Resource Center. A landlord does not typically have to provide a reason for nonrenewal.

Forrest said they have looked at a number of other locations, but relocating does not seem likely. Doing so would require a build-out, moving costs, plumbing and electrical work and likely taking on another loan, which Forrest said they are not able to do at this point.

“I was looking forward to finishing my career here, but unless you have the capital to buy your own building or build your own building, it’s kind of the dice you roll when you rent,” he said.

Forrest said he has no regrets and is thankful for all the loyal patrons and support they have received over the years.

“It’s just really sad that we’re not going to be able to continue on here. … We’ve gotten to know a lot of people here; we’ve been fortunate to watch kids grow up and go off to college and come back to start their own families,” he said. “It will be a sad day when we leave.”

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