Chemical scare in Pabst Farms found to be a false alarm

Enterprise Staff

June 8, 2017

SUMMIT — A report of trespassing into an abandoned Pabst Road building yielded an emergency check for crystal methamphetamine production, but which ended up negative.

The Summit Police Department was called at 4:22 p.m. Saturday to 35303 Pabst Road because it was suspected that the Pabst-owned former creamery had been broken into, said Police Chief Michael Hartert.

Police found a window and door were ajar during a routine check and entered the building as a result. It was during this investigation that Hartert said officers observed chemicals and beakers filled with liquid, and also sensed chemicals in the air.

Since these findings led officers to believe a methamphetamine lab might be present — and knew from training that the related chemicals are very toxic and volatile — Summit police called in the Western Lakes Fire District and Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department Metro Drug Unit for assistance. The metro drug unit also sought the assistance of the Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigation Law enforcement officials from other jurisdictions were called in for parameter control because a large area had to be contained to ensure nobody else entered the building, The chemicals inside were eventually determined to not be involved in the manufacturing of methamphetamine or to be an immediate concern.

Hartert said, Pabst, which still owns the building, has been notified that it will have to remove the chemicals.