New taco 'station' in downtown Waukesha

By Emily Zantow - Special to The Freeman

June 8, 2017

 Billís and Breiís Taco Station on the corner of Main Street and Broadway.
Andrea Fencl/Freeman Staff

WAUKESHA - It all started in Texas.

"I got involved in a small salsa competition down there, and won the competition and that led to people asking me and encouraging me to start marketing my products," said Bill Seegers, owner of Bill's Bold Products.

Seegers is adding a restaurant called Bill's and Brei's Taco Station to his already existing herbs and spices store in downtown Waukesha.

Seegers, a Wisconsin native, began selling his signature herbs and spices at Farmer's Markets and eventually opened a store on the corner of Main and Broadway in Waukesha in 2012.

"The first year we were here we set up a tent outside and grilled up brats and Italians and then a light bulb went off and I went 'why don't we make something that uses my products?'" said Seegers.

Andrea Fencl/Freeman Staff

The restaurant addition has been a work in the making over the last two years. He will be running it with his daughter, Brei Larson, hence the name "Bill's and Brei's Taco Station."

The menu will feature tacos, taco salads, quesadillas, chips, ice cream tacos and a salsa bar with all 12 of Seegers' salsas. Three types of meat will be offered: ground beef, chipotle chicken and chorizo with a vegetarian pinto bean option.  Seegers also says Indian-style tacos on fry bread and jalapeno poppers wrapped in bacon will be added to the menu in the future.

A Spanish-style brick archway connects what used to be Sloppy Joe's with Bill's Bold Products. Assembly line-style ordering makes for fast service 7 days a week from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. with extended hours on Fridays.

"We're excited to bring a new style of business to the downtown area and we're confident that we're going to do well down here. This is something people have been asking for. We have people daily stopping by asking when we're going to be open," said Seegers.

Seegers planned to open today, but that was subject to change.