EPIC Creative to relocate to former Delta Defense building

By ALEX BELD - Daily News

June 11, 2017

The exterior of the former Delta Defense building is seen Wednesday afternoon in West Bend. EPIC Creative of West Bend will be moving into the building on South Sixth Avenue.
John Ehlke/Daily News

EPIC Creative is expected to move its corporate headquarters to the former Delta Defense building in downtown West Bend on Sept. 1 to accommodate the growth of the company.

The advertising agency’s President and CEO Jim Becker expects the company to grow by about three to five employees each year for five years. “Based on a normal economy,” he explained.

The new location was built in 1939 and offers 20,000 square feet of office space. Other than Delta Defense, the building was once home to West Bend Mutual and the Museum of Wisconsin Art.

When asked about the offer on the building, Delta Defense President and CEO TIm Schmidt said “I’m very excited to have sold the old museum to EPIC Creative. West Bend couldn’t have found a better downtown community member.”

It should also be a welcome change for the 80 employees at EPIC Creative who, for a short time, are doubling up on offices and making use of common areas. The space will become further cramped, momentarily, as the company is also closing its Brookfield office.

At the start of the move there will be about 60 employees at the downtown building, with room for an additional 30. The former location will have room for an additional 12 after things have resettled.

“We were fortunate to find such a nice and well-served space,” Becker said in a news release. “The building’s former tenant, Delta Defense, modernized the building and left it move-in ready, which greatly reduces the impact the relocation could have on our clients and our employees. And we're an advertising agency moving into an old art museum. I don’t think it could have been any more perfect.”

The move will provide additional room for the company’s video and photo production services as they will be the only ones to remain at the current location. This was done to maintain the in-house studio, which provides the company video and audio production capability as well as editing and photography.

The employees who do move will also learn the about the benefits of being in one building, especially so close to the downtown area.

“It’s going to be much more efficient for us,” Becker said. He explained employees are also excited to be a couple blocks from Main Street and to no longer have to brave the cold when they walk between buildings in winter.

The move could also provide a benefit in terms of recruiting as they often compete for employees with several marketing businesses located in downtown Milwaukee.

Becker said one way they often look to attract new employees, as they will be doing regularly for at least the next five years, is to point to the work culture they have created.

The growth of the company will likely not just be in the number of employees though. As the demand for new services in the area of digital marketing increases the company will likely take them on.

Their most recent offering, however, was not in this area. As their customer base increasingly asked for it, they began offering trade show booth design within the past year.

Becker said they are also considering expanding into a couple of other niche markets as well, but explained “we don’t just chase any type of business.”

EPIC Creative offers advertising services for engineering and manufacturing, turf and turf care products, bowling, snow and ice control equipment, hospitality and tourism, pest control and more.

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