Council would allow gas stations' beer, wine sales
But rezoning must come first

By Andrea Fencl - Freeman Staff

June 21, 2017

CITY OF PEWAUKEE - The Common Council decided it would allow gas stations to sell beer and wine at area gas stations during its meeting on Monday night, said City Clerk Kelly Tarczewski.

Kwik Trip No. 396, W229-N2086 Redford Blvd., petitioned to sell alcoholic beverages. Kwik Trip Community Relations Manager David Ring previously told The Freeman that the location seeks to add a beer cave and wine cabinets with a remodel of the Kwik Trip.

Alderwoman Colleen Brown stood in as mayor at the meeting Monday night. Brown said some of the council members believed that because selling beer, wine and liquor wasn't allowed in the city that it would be best to allow only the sale of beer and wine to start. Tarczewski previously told The Freeman that for years, the unwritten policy was that alcohol may not be sold at gas stations. Brown said had she had the opportunity to vote Monday, she would have approved the sale of beer, wine and liquor.

"I don't know why the city has had an unwritten policy," Brown said. "I'm glad we're looking into changing it."

Brown said there was no opposition to the would-be approval of beer and wine sales at gas stations, but there is more to the decision than the Plan Commission previously thought.

Because the city isn't zoned for serving alcohol, the gas stations seeking licenses for selling alcohol would have to be rezoned. The rezoning would have to be approved by the Plan Commission before being brought to the Common Council for its approval. Then the application to sell alcohol would have to be approved by the council.

Ring said he's hopeful that Kwik Trip will have the chance to receive an alcohol license.  

"Kwik Trip is grateful for the assistance of City Clerk Kelly Tarczewski and the members of the Pewaukee Common Council for their vote yesterday to allow us and our competitors the opportunity to apply for a Class A license to sell alcoholic beverages," Ring said. "This change in the ordinance will allow Kwik Trip to apply for a zoning change and hopefully secure a Class A alcohol license which will permit us to sell alcoholic beverages, provide our (City of) Pewaukee store co-workers with extensive alcohol sales training, and offer our guests the convenience and product selection they expect at their local Kwik Trip store."