Plans for Grafton town business on hold
Commission says self-storage proposal needs greater detail

By Melanie Boyung - News Graphic Staff

June 22, 2017

GRAFTON — Another storage business is looking to locate in the town of Grafton, but has faced a few hurdles at the start.

The Town Plan Commission, at its meeting earlier this month, took up a land division, rezone and conditional use permit for 1927 Highway W, where Laura Logan of RJ Investments intends to construct a rental self-storage business. The plans submitted for the business show slightly more than 4 acres being split from the 50.5 acre agricultural parcel and rezoned to manufacturing to hold the business.

The Plan Commission and the Town Board approved the land division and rezoning request to create the new parcel Logan intends to use for the business.

The conditional use permit for the business itself was tabled at the Plan Commission meeting.

“The materials are complete, but the details supplied, in my opinion, are not sufficient,” Town Clerk and Planner Amanda Schaefer said.

Until the CUP is issued, Logan cannot proceed with building. While Logan did provide more information for the Plan Commission, which she said she prepared in the hour before the meeting, the commissioners did not have the opportunity to consider it before the discussion itself. “Giving us this material on very short notice doesn’t give me the chance to digest it,” Commissioner Bob Wolff said.

Town Chairman Lester Bartel commented at the Town Board meeting last week that Logan and her attorney have been working with the town since the commission meeting to complete the plans with greater detail.

The conditional use permit application is expected to come before the Plan Commission again next month, at which time more information on the business would be available.

In other recent business, the Town Board last week voted to issue a condemnation order on a house at 1520 Green Bay Road.

According to town records, the property is currently owned by a man who lives in Brookfield. He purchased it in 2008 and had plans to renovate, but those plans were halted by the county due to shoreland zoning regulations.

Records show the house had already been vacant before that purchase, owned by a bank since 2006. Town Treasurer Bonnie Bartel said the current owner paid taxes the first few years of ownership, but then stopped.

“It’s definitely in pretty bad condition; it needs to be razed,” Bartel said.