‘Woof-Men’ business owner
Dunlop follows dream of becoming a veterinarian

By Emily Zantow - Special to The Freeman

June 22, 2017

Dr. Allison Dunlop is the owner of Integrative Veterinary Service in Brookfield.
Submitted photo

BROOKFIELD — Allison Dunlop opened Integrative Veterinary Service in Brookfield in 2014, following in the footsteps of a beloved family member.

“My grandfather was the only veterinarian for a small town in Iowa called Geyser. He was the only vet for a very long distance and he did both large and small animals,” said Dunlop. “From a very young age, I always knew that was what I wanted to do. It was something that he and I shared, and that was really special to me.”

Dunlop grew up in Rochester, Minnesota, and graduated from veterinary school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her first job led her to Milwaukee where she realized she wanted to open her own animal hospital.

“I developed the desire once I got into (veterinary) practice and was just not finding exactly what I wanted working for somebody else. So when I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I just created what I was looking for,” Dunlop said.

The Integrative Veterinary Service staff of 10, all women, includes two other veterinarians in addition to Dunlop.

“Where I am now (with my business), is where I thought I would be in four years. It was one of those things where you can imagine how much work it’s going to be, but then it’s always way more than you you’d imagined and you never thought you could’ve ever have worked this hard. But somehow you just do it, because it’s something you are passionate about — so you are able to,” Dunlop said.

Dunlop’s business is unique because it offers traditional services such as vaccinations and heart worm testing but also includes holistic care such as acupuncture, reiki for pets and herbal medicine.

“I work a lot of hours and wear a lot of hats. I live and breathe my business,” said Dunlop. “My advice for people who want to open a business ... Just go for it. If you are passionate about something and have something you can contribute to the community ... people that resonate with that will find you.”