Getting back to her roots
Consider the Lillies owner expanding her offerings

By ALEX BELD - Daily News

June 28, 2017

Owner and Floral Artists Amanda Strassburg of West Bend holds a collection of roses as she poses for a portrait Tuesday afternoon at Consider the Lilies in West Bend. The floral shop opened in the new downtown location on South Main Street at the end of April.
John Ehlke/Daily News

Consider the Lilies has offered floral arrangements for about six and a half years, but just recently found a retail location in downtown West Bend at 136 S. Main St.

Though it’s the first time the floral arrangement business will have a retail location, the experience isn’t new for owner Amanda Strassburg.

“I would say my roots are in retail. ... I knew that I always wanted to return to it,” Strassburg said, adding, “I enjoy creating relationships and having a retail space.”

The space is an opportunity for her to get to know her customers and learn what they do and don’t like. When the business was in a private studio, she didn’t have that kind of access to customers.

During her time between experiences in retail, the floral artist had a private studio, worked on her craft, and proved herself by becoming certified and accredited. She is the only floral artist in the county who is a certified floral designer of and accredited member of the American Institute of Floral Designers.

The exterior of Consider the Lilies is seen Tuesday afternoon in West Bend.
John Ehlke/Daily News

She continues to take courses and teach others about flowers to maintain both the certification and accreditation, something which will become a part of her business.

“I’m looking forward to coming up with a schedule of some classes,” Strassburg said. She added the classes will likely be available in late summer and will be on everything from flowers and plant education to bow-making.

And when it comes to the main part of her business — the arrangements — there isn’t an event out there Strassburg won’t put something together for. From something fun and exciting like a birthday to more serious and somber occasions like funerals.

“Flowers are all about conveying emotion,” Strassburg said. She added many events call for displays of emotion, “it’s that old cliche, flowers say it best.”

Strassburg brings in a slew of flowers for her arrangements, which can come from Holland, South America, Costa Rica, Africa, the U.S. and, at times, from local growers who will occasionally bring them in to distributors.

“I like to have a unique section of flowers every week,” Strassburg said.

However, her favorite flower is the orchid.

“There are so many varieties of orchids and many of them are rare,” she said.

She also works with various materials like metal, wool, silk or even wooden beads. On her website she says, “creating art with flowers is my life.”

“I’ve always been a lover of art, of color and flowers have always been my chosen medium,” Strassburg said.