New condo development possible in Hartford
Developer seeks answers from city before project can proceed


June 28, 2017

A vehicle turns right from South Wilson Avenue onto East Lincoln Avenue at a dead end Tuesday morning in Hartford. The road stops at an area of wetlands.
John Ehlke/Daily News

South Wilson Avenue could be the site of a new condominium development in Hartford if a developer gets the answers he’s seeking.

A new developer is interested in possibly developing the Red Oak Condominium property, which is on the northwest side of the street and across from the Scenic Pointe Subdivision, which was completed and which is on the southeast side.

Developer Greg James is considering constructing more senior condominiums at the site — eight four-unit buildings “His questions are about what we’re going to require from him as far as road improvements,” said Hartford City Engineer Jason Schall. “The street has partially been installed with a previous development. With him coming in on the opposite side of the road we were looking to require him to complete the road and he said that would be financially difficult with his project.”

Schall said James has received conceptual approval for the use and layout from the city’s Plan Commission.

“So he’s questioning, number one, what does the city want to require to be installed and then if we’re going to require it, to what dimensions or specifications and when are we going to require that be installed.”

James said the project is “sort of in Limbo” until he gets the answers he wants from the city.

“So I don’t want to say too much,” James said. “We’re still negotiating and deciding whether I want to move ahead with this project or not. We need to get a little more resolved with the city before we can make a final decision.”

Schall said South Wilson Avenue ends at wetlands adjacent to the subdivision, though the dedicated right of way (80 feet wide) continues south through the wetlands. The right of way continues south and west until it comes to Lee Road, “There is an approximately 500 foot gap between the South Wilson Avenue pavement and the pavement adjacent to Scenic Pointe,” Schall said. “In order for the two ended to be connected the city would need to get permission from the Wisconsin DNR to fill the wetlands within the right of way.”

Schall said in order to fill the wetlands the city would need to identify another area that could be turned into a wetland.

“Staff is working with a developer in another area and may be able to do wetland mitigation in the future,” Schall said. “Part of the developer’s question is going to become when should we look at making that connection and if so what that connection is going to look like because that would determine what this developer would be required to do in front of his property.”

Schall said Mr. James claims he won’t be able to proceed with the development if the city requires curb and gutter, sidewalk and pavement improvements at this time.

James is to have more meetings with city officials to discuss his project and the questions he has raised.