EMPOWERING women financially
Local center specializes in helping women going through divorce

By Emily Zantow - Special to The Freeman

July 5, 2017

Anita Ornelas-Rudolf received a free makeover from the center in April where she got her hair and makeup done and some new clothes. Pictured from left to right are: Heather Schaefer, Ruby Ribbon independent stylist; Rebecca Sheperd, personal stylist; Anita Ornelas-Rudolf; Rhonda Noordyk, founder of the Women’s Financial Wellness Center; and Andrea Gracyalny, independent sales director for Mary Kay.
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CITY OF PEWAUKEE — Rhonda Noordyk opened the Women’s Financial Wellness Center in 2014 as a financial coaching hub for women seeking guidance with their money.

A Wisconsin native, Noordyk grew up in Madison and attended Carroll University and received a degree in communications. Before opening the center, she worked in the financial services industry and taught at Waukesha County Technical College for 12 years.

Throughout this time, Noordyk noticed something.

“I saw that a lot of the women who were coming through my doors in the financial industry were deferring all financial decisions to their husbands,” said Noordyk. “We would do a lot of great education and then they would go home and the husband would say, ‘oh I’ve got a guy’ or ‘I’ll get it taken care of.’ So she would leave feeling deflated and she’d never find her voice in that scenario.”

So, Noordyk began setting up women’s financial education programs. In 2014, she left the financial industry and opened the Women’s Financial Wellness Center to fulfill her dream of helping more women.

As CEO and founder, Noordyk has set-up a network of over 65 collaborative partners for women from attorneys to life coaches to help empower them financially.

Anita Ornelas-Rudolf is a client of the Women’s Financial Wellness Center.
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Retreats and workshops are also offered to help navigate women through their financial situations. Overall, Noordyk says running a business is going better than she expected.

“It takes time for women to build their reputation in the business community as being a sound and saavy business owner,” Noordyk said. “The biggest driver of building that reputation is keeping your head down, being clear on your mission, sticking to your values and at the end of the day, taking action. My biggest advice: be assertive.”

All women are welcome but the center specializes in helping women going through divorce. Anita Ornelas-Rudolf is a client at the center who was going through a divorce earlier this year and sought help.

“There was so many resources that I needed to make the right choices, to make decisions that were important, but I was not emotionally ‘there’ to make those decisions so I was looking for a woman’s advocate,” said Ornelas-Rudolf. “Once I had the assistance from Rhonda, I got my voice back. Women need to have a voice to be financially stable.”