Brandywine to feature the best of Wisconsin
Couple to open eatery in former Chamber building

By Lisa Curtis - News Graphic Staff

July 11, 2017

Rhiannon and Andrew Wilson are pictured with their three children. They are living above the Cedarburg business they bought until they find a home. “It’s a good way for us to spend more time together,” Andrew Wilson said.
Submitted photo

CEDARBURG — It’s a classic case of “one thing led to another.” A longtime chef seeks the perfect spot to open a restaurant of his own, and before you know it, he and his the family are living above a business in downtown Cedarburg, prepping the first level for a new eatery.

Andrew and Rhiannon Wilson are the new owners of the former Visitor’s Center and Chamber of Commerce building on the corner of Washington Avenue and Spring Street, as well as the adjacent salon building.

The couple met in high school in Sheboygan, and lived in other cities, but it was Cedarburg that stole their heart.

“We just fell in love with Cedarburg,” Andrew Wilson said. “Things just fell into place and here we are.'

The couple are working on transforming the building from a quasi-museum into a 60-plus seat restaurant that will feature “the best Wisconsin has to offer,” Andrew Wilson said.

Wilson will go before the Cedarburg Plan Commission Thursday to seek permission for a 3-foot addition on the back. The extra space will accommodate the commercial kitchen.

The Landmarks Commission recommended approving the addition at its June meeting. Wilson said it will not affect the parking spaces that are now available, which according to the Plan Commission, is 12 spaces.

There will be two seating areas totaling about 2,000 square feet.

Wilson has been cooking professionally for more than 15 years, working in California, the Trattoria Stefano in Sheboygan and, most recently, as the executive chef of the Madison Club.

He said a big focus of the new restaurant will be homemade pasta. The menu will use farm-to-table produce and other Wisconsin-harvested foods as key ingredients.

“The state in general has so much to offer,” he said.

The name of the restaurant, Brandywine, is an homage to his mother and the heirloom tomato variety that she loved to use.

“She was an avid gardener and she grew lots of brandywine tomatoes; it was her favorite variety,’ Wilson said.

Wilson said the plan is to open the business sometime before the end of the year.