Solstice Health connects doctors and patients
Direct primary services facility growing and expanding

By Christina Luick - Special to The Freeman

July 14, 2017


 Dr. Timothy Murray, the owner of Solstice Health, works with a patient.
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OCONOMOWOC - Solstice Health has a different way of thinking when it comes to health care, and that is by getting rid of the need for insurance. The growing business wants members to take control of their health and well-being through direct primary care and other services.

The company has been in operation for four years with locations in Oconomowoc and New Berlin, and will soon expand to Mequon. The company hopes to grow through membership and expand further throughout Wisconsin.

Megan Zimmerman, director of sales and marketing, said Solstice Health wants to help people become better consumers of health care and to know it can work for them and be personalized.

Zimmerman said there are more solutions coming to the marketplace for individuals and employers as the current health care costs are unsustainable.

"Solstice Health is an example of an alternative solution that produces significant savings whether it is for an individual, family or employer group," Zimmerman said.

Solstice Health is expanding to a new location in Mequon. Shown is the interior of its
Oconomowoc clinic.
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Direct primary care, simplified, is when a doctor takes the services offered at large hospitals, and performs them without relying on insurance. For example, a $3,000 MRI becomes $400.

Solstice was the first direct primary care provider in Wisconsin and Zimmerman said it prides itself on being in a true direct primary provider, which means it uses an age-based membership model to bill patients.

"The whole premise of the program is to be able to provide affordable, accessible, health care to individuals, regardless of condition or age," Zimmerman said.

Members have more face time with their doctors as well as the access to call their primary care provider any time of the day with questions about their medications or health-related issues. This provides people the ability to schedule same-day or next-day appointments.

All of this for less than the cost of a monthly cell phone bill, Zimmerman said.

"Our members no longer need to utilize urgent care visits which is timely and costly," Zimmerman said. So a member can meet with their providers in the clinic on a Saturday morning for treatment.

Zimmerman said Solstice helps their members become better consumers. She mentioned that two people can have different insurances and go to a doctor for the same treatment and they could be billed a different rate.

"We believe with direct primary care that all of our patients and  members are learning and becoming better consumers in health care and price transparency," Zimmerman said.

This past year, Solstice started working with companies and organizations to provide direct primary care. It is still available to individuals.

Who benefits from direct primary services?

Solstice Health sees a variety of people. It sees families and people that have insurance through their employers but are on a high deductible premium health plan and don't want to utilize that insurance because it's not affordable. Some people are on Medicare and come because they want a better and more personalized relationship with their doctor.

Solstice continually brings in new products. It also has a referral system with a network of over 100 specialists.

Zimmerman provided an example in which someone coming to visit the primary care provider and their treatment needs a referral to a dermatologist. They would be able to send the patient information to a dermatologist through their system at no cost.

There are other services provided at Solstice Health that have grown such as their medical weight loss program that has over 10,000 participants. There has also been an increased interest in the IV vitamins therapy and stem cell therapy.

To learn more about Solstice Health and its services, call the Oconomowoc location at 262-354-3100 or the New Berlin location at 262-505-6260. Solstice Health is anticipating the Mequon opening to be in the fall of this year.