Pizza Ranch proposed for Waukesha
Chain restaurant known for its buffet meals

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff

July 16, 2017

A Pizza Ranch restaurant is proposed for 926 Fleetfoot Drive, which is south of the Les Paul Parkway, in Waukesha.
Submitted rendering

WAUKESHA - Serving pizza, salads and chicken on its famous buffet, chain restaurant Pizza Ranch is looking to open its first southeastern Wisconsin location in Waukesha.

The company has proposed a 5,765-square-foot building that seats 200 people at 926 Fleetfoot Drive, which is south of the Les Paul Parkway.

Operating more than 200 locations in 13 states, including 18 in Wisconsin, Pizza Ranch's basic concept is a pizza, chicken, salad and dessert buffet restaurant. The Waukesha Pizza Ranch will be locally owned and operated by PR Waukesha, LLC.

In addition to the buffet, customers can order pizzas, including for the gluten-sensitive. They can also order fried chicken, salads, garlic bread, vegetables and other sides.

The Waukesha location, if approved, could have 100 parking stalls, including four barrier-free stalls. There would be a drive all around the building with two access points to Fleetwood Drive. There is a main entrance and a secondary entrance to pick up pre-ordered items.

Pizza Ranch's proposal will be discussed at the Aug. 9 Plan Commission meeting.