Shumway Dental plans new, larger Slinger office
Dentist predicts new building to be ready in spring


July 16, 2017

Orthodontist James Schmidt moves chairs around in an examination room before a patient comes in for a scheduled visit Friday afternoon at Shumway Dental in Slinger. A new Shumway Dental office is planned to break ground in Slinger in August. Coowner of Keller planners, architects and builders Nathan Laurent said the new offices would be five times the size of the current office building on Highway 60.
John Ehlke/Daily News

If all goes as planned, Shumway Dental could be operating out of a new location in April.

Earlier this week the Slinger Plan Commission approved site and architectural plans for construction of the 6,064-squarefoot office building on a three acre lot in the village at the northwest corner of the roundabout intersection of Hillside Road/ Highway C and American Eagle Drive.

Dr. Christopher Shumway, who owns the dental practice, said he can’t wait to move into the new building. The proposal has been before the Plan Commission before, but revised plans gained approval from the Commission Wednesday.

“The main change was the addition of landscaping islands in the parking lot,” said Village Treasurer and Assistant Village Clerk Margaret Wilber. “The commission was very happy with the proposed plans. There are a couple of smaller items (lighting and landscaping plans, for example) that will be presented at a future meeting.”

Village Planner Marty Marchek said Shumway had directed his design team to design a “very high quality building and the Plan Commission felt it was the perfect use for this very high visibility and prominent site and an important use for the entry for that neighborhood.”

Shumway said over the 10 years he’s had his Slinger practice his patient numbers have grown substantially.

“We need more room and we have other dentists working with us now,” Shumway said. “We currently lease the building at 100 E. Commerce Blvd. which is only 1,400 square-feet. Our new building will be more than four times that.”

Shumway said he now has a 10-person staff, he could have three to four dentists and up to 20 or so employees over time at the new location.

“The town’s growing and the area needs more dental care,” Shumway said. “We’re going to have 10 patient rooms and we’re also building a pediatric and orthodontic bay so the kids will have their own area for treatment.”

Shumway said he’s been searching for three or four years for the right property for the new office.

“We were having difficulty finding the right piece of property to build on. When we found it, we moved quickly,” Shumway said. “Now if can get our financing and everything else together we hope to start construction in September. “We actually ended up starting a second office in Kewaskum a few years back just because we needed more space and we couldn’t find the right site in Slinger,” Shumway said. “The Kewaskum office will remain open.”

The lot Shumway purchased has been vacant for quite a while.

“They’ve been trying to develop it for quite some time. Everyone seemed very positive about us going there,” Shumway said.

Shumway said his new facility will have some features that are different from many other dental offices.

“I’m left handed and most practices are built for right handed people only,” Shumway said. “I actually have to build my offices a little bit different so left or right handed dentists can work. If you are a lefty you can find it very hard to find a facility that you can work in as a left handed dentist. I have to mount the equipment off the chair so it can swing to either side. Other places its usually mounted on the wall.”

Marchek said the property has been vacant since it has been in a designated commercial development area from about 20022003. He said there had been other proposed uses for the site that didn’t work out.

“The village president noted that one use that was approved earlier was for a gas station- convenience store and car wash which was never developed,” Marchek said. “The design plan will allow future expansion to the west side of the property.”