Local tourism groups seeking grant funding
Requests going before Tourism Commission today

By Dave Fidlin - Special to The Freeman

July 18, 2017

A sizable crowd fills the Pewaukee Lake beachfront during Taste of Lake Country 2012.
Freeman file photo

CITY OF PEWAUKEE - A pair of organizations aimed at promoting tourism in and near the village and City of Pewaukee are seeking grant dollars to further their efforts.

Representatives of the Waukesha/Pewaukee Convention and Visitor Bureau and Positively Pewaukee are going before the Pewaukee Tourism Commission today to discuss and seek approval for the grant proposals, totaling $109,500.

The convention and visitor bureau is hoping fans of regional baseball teams routinely facing off against the Milwaukee Brewers consider lodging in Waukesha and Pewaukee.

Tammy Tritz, executive director of the WPCVB, said the organization is seeking $80,500 from the state to promote the Midwest Major League Campaign.

“Part of our role is to look at demand generators,” Tritz said. “Here’s an opportunity to speak to baseball fans and draw attention to the Brewers and the home games.”

The sun sets over Pewaukee Lake during Taste of Lake Country 2012.
Freeman file photo

If commissioners approve the request, and the grant is ultimately approved, Tritz said the bureau would take part in a series of targeted advertising campaigns and reach out to fans of other Major League Baseball teams in the region.

While it is widely known Chicago Cubs fans routinely cheer on last year’s World Series champions during away games at Miller Park, fans of other franchises, including the Minnesota Twins and St. Louis Cardinals, have also been known to bring their spirit - and tourism dollars - to the Milwaukee area.

The Midwest Major League Campaign, for the most part, is digital in nature, Tritz said, and is aimed at reaching a target audience with precision that has not been accomplished in the past.

“We would be reaching out to a specific set of demographics,” Tritz said. “It would be one of the most specific things we’ve ever done. We’re really excited about it.”

Tritz said she is hopeful and optimistic WPCVB will receive the funding.

Because analytics are so closely tied to the campaign, Tritz said information on its effectiveness would be known over time.

“The real telling will be in the occupancy of the hotels after the messages go out,” Tritz said. “Did it have any kind of an impact on the occupancy of the hotels?”

Requests from Positively Pewaukee

Positively Pewaukee, a nonprofit organization that spearheads various marketing efforts and special events, is also seeking grant dollars in the months ahead.

Elaine Kroening, executive director of Positively Pewaukee, said the organization is looking to obtain a $25,000 grant through the Wisconsin Main Street Program for expert advice on expanding on some of the group’s existing efforts.

The Main Street Program, an arm of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, helps municipalities with deep roots harness that sense of history through restoration, marketing and similar efforts.

Kroening said Positively Pewaukee has taken part in the state’s Main Street Program for 21 years. The additional funds are earmarked for a consultant who would offer advice on how to make the most of the partnership.

“They’ve had really good success,” Kroening said of the Main Street Program.

Positively Pewaukee also is seeking a $4,000 grant for shuttle service to and from various areas during the Taste of Lake Country event.