Black entrepreneurs finding success in Waukesha
Businesses support a diverse client base

By Nyesha Stone - Special to The Freeman

July 25, 2017

WAUKESHA — Black success is now a topic of conversation because Forever Faded, Pat’s Rib Place and Enterprise NOW! are three black-owned businesses that are thriving in Waukesha.

Forever Faded

Tim Retic opened a barbershop in 2008 with a business partner. Soon after, he bought out his partner in 2010. He decided to move his business from downtown Waukesha to 1427 E. Racine Ave. In 2011, Retic changed the name of his business to Forever Faded to give himself a fresh start.

At the age of 13, Retic took the money he had to buy hair clippers, so he could charge his friends $5 each for a haircut. Now he’s running an entire business with the goal of making $150,000 by the end of this year.

 Tim Retic opened a barbershop in 2008 in Waukesha, now called Forever Faded located at 1427 E. Racine Ave.
Nyesha Stone/Special to The Freeman

Retic is in the process of training one of his barbers, Chester Fisher, to be head of Forever Faded. Retic along with three other business partners (Krayton Nash, Chris Chudada and John Donald) will be the owners of Hall of Fame Athletics Incorporated. This will be a non-profit organization that trains athletes from fifth grade to the professional level.

Retic played football, baseball, did wresting and ran track for all four years of high school. He then played football and ran track at Carroll University.

Years later, his middle child needed a basketball coach, so he decided to take the position. Retic noticed he enjoyed coaching and motivating the youth for free more than he liked being paid to cut hair, so he needed to find a way to keep his happiness. That’s how Hall of Fame Athletics Incorporated came about.

Retic and his partners are working on raising $10 million to start up their nonprofit.

“Your thoughts plus your creativity equals your reality,” said Retic.

Pat’s Ribs Place

It has been eight years strong as the only black-owned restaurant in Waukesha for business owners Alisha and Tydus Hayes.

“We wouldn’t have got this far without the community,” said Alisha Hayes.

 Alisha and Tydus Hayes have owned Pat’s Ribs Place in Waukesha for eight years.
Nyesha Stone/Special to The Freeman

It wasn’t until the Great Recession of 2008 hit that she decided that they should start working for themselves.

Her mom loved to make ribs, so it only made sense to make a restaurant that revolved around that. They named the restaurant after her mother and she says she sometimes feels her mother’s presence.

“(She was a) true Southern belle by heart (and) this is what she loved to do,” Alisha said.

Before Pat’s Ribs Place, Alisha worked for the Department of Corrections and Tydus worked in the manufacturing field.

They had to do research on the industry because neither of them knew anything about the running a restaurant.

“We kept pushing forward (and) little by little we kept making changes,” said Tydus.

They will be opening another restaurant in the Waukesha area in the near future.

“You might be afraid to fail, but don’t be afraid to try,” Alisha Hayes said.

Enterprise NOW!

Elzie Flenard isn’t sure if he’s the only black-owned podcast based in Waukesha, but that doesn’t matter because he’s doing something he loves — discussing business. Flenard is the owner of Enterprise NOW!, an online podcast that is syndicated to two other stations: WQYLDB Radio and Alien X Radio.

His love for discussing business and entrepreneurship made him think “I should talk about this with other people,” so a little over a year ago is when Enterprise NOW! came to be.


His show was originally a radio show with advertisements, but then he stumbled upon podcast. After researching it he decided podcast was best for him.

“The failure rate for entrepreneurs is exponentially high, because they don’t have hard business skills,” said Flenard. His business offers training, coaching and seminars to anyone looking to start a business or to keep theirs running.

Flenard plans on being the number one podcast in Wisconsin.

You don’t have to personally know him to know that Flenard can’t help but to bring up the topic of business at least once in a conversation. His eyes get bigger and his smile stretches from cheek to cheek as he discusses his passion.

It took him two weeks to get his podcast up and running.

“There’s an advocate out there for business owners, (so) reach out to us,” said Flenard.

Flenard’s podcast can be found at