Johnís Pizzeria is here to stay

By News Graphic Staff

August 1, 2017

 Johnís Pizzaria, 1401 11th Ave., has been in business for 30 years.
Photo by Mark Justesen

Q. The new Lumberyard 1505 apartments and public plaza in Grafton are a beautiful addition to the village. But Johnís Pizzeria blocks the view of this beautiful addition to Grafton. Was there ever any consideration of relocating the business and razing the building?

A. Shaffer Development acquired the nearly 5-acre parcel on Wisconsin Avenue and Beech Street two years ago with plans to create the three-story Lumberyard 1505, a mix of retail on the ground level and apartments on the top three floors. A public plaza was added, complete with walkways, seating areas and a water feature.

Johnís Pizzeria is not part of the land Shaffer purchased, but is now essentially surrounded by it on the south and the east.

Johnís owner Katie Parchim said that when she first learned of the development, she asked village officials if her building would interfere with that.

ďThe village told me they wanted me to stay,Ē she said.

Parchim added that she is asked almost daily whether she is keeping the business there. Other than her initial reaction, she said she has never given leaving a thought.

The family-owned pizzeria will celebrate 30 years in business in September. Parchim said she would like to add outdoor seating.