Bubon Orthodontics continues to grow
Brookfield resident found job he loved, grew business

By Chris Bennett - Special to The Freeman

August 6, 2017

The Bubon Orthodontics facility in Brookfield, which opened earlier this year.
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BROOKFIELD - Dr. Michael Bubon knew he both wanted and needed to be an orthodontist when he realized the profession would always pique his intrigue and stir his spirit.

Bubon, a Brookfield resident, wavered between medical school and dental school before landing on a career in the world of orthodontia. It was a visit to his orthodontist that tipped the scales.

“I remember very distinctly, thinking ‘I’ll never be bored,’” Bubon said. “This guy has clinical issues, he’s running a business, he has employees to deal with - this guy will never be bored.

“That’s my job.”

Most doctors might be satisfied with one location, or practice. Not Bubon.

“I knew three was doable by myself,” Bubon said. “I guess I had the idea that I could run more than one.”

Bubon didn’t stop at one office, or even three, and his empire will expand yet again this summer - when Bubon Orthodontics stop at 12 offices, for the time being.

That’s right - 12 locations, all of them straightening teeth, which explains the license plate on Bubon’s car. It reads “STR8ENM.”

Dr. Michael Bubon’s 12 office locations all straighten teeth so his license plate reads

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Bubon is fond of paraphrasing a quote from President Abraham Lincoln when describing how he came to open 12 offices - It’s not I who control events, but events which control me.

“I always wanted to have a successful business, but I never really envisioned having this many offices,” Bubon said. “The next thing, I know I have multiple doctors, 50 employees and 12 offices.”

Bubon is reluctant to use the term “satellite” when describing any of his 12 locations. The Bubon Orthodontics locations are similar in size and appearance, but he admits the Waukesha office at 21680 West Bluemound Road is the organization’s de facto headquarters.

The location at 1905 North Calhoun Road in Brookfield opened earlier this year, and Bubon is expanding into downtown Milwaukee as of Aug. 1 with an office at 330 East Kilbourn Avenue.

The Milwaukee office will focus solely on Invisalign braces. Bubon’s web site - https://bubonortho.com - states that Bubon Orthodontics is Wisconsin’s No. 1 provider of Invisalign braces.

According to the company’s web site - https://www.invisalign.com - Invisalign braces are a clear alternative to metal braces for both adults and teens, and are marketed as an almost invisible way for one to improve their teeth.

“There are a lot of professionals there that maybe want their teeth straightened, but don’t want to wear braces,” Bubon said. “There really isn’t a major Invisalign office in Milwaukee.”

Bubon’s newest office will be one of three in Milwaukee. Bubon also operates offices on South 27th St. and Howell Avenue in Milwaukee.

There are also Bubon locations in Johnson Creek, Delafield, Oconomowoc, Franklin, Muskego, Wauwatosa and West Bend. Addresses and directions are available on the Bubon Orthodontics web site.

Bubon said he tries to stack locations in proximity to existing offices whenever possible.

“The rule of thumb is nobody should compete with themselves, so why open an office near other offices?” Bubon said. “I found, for the convenience of the patient, that applies even if it’s just five miles closer.”

When considering new locations, in addition to proximity to his existing locations Bubon also considers ease of access. Signage is also a pivotal consideration.

Bubon finds time to see patients three to four days each week throughout his various locations, but admits he also spends a lot of time performing administrative work.

“That’s where the business owner is always working,” Bubon said. “The staff is just incredible. We have absolutely an incredible team. They’re just amazing.”

Future locations in the Bubon Orthodontics empire might hinge on whether more doctors are hired.

“It’s not a goal,” Bubon said. “We could hire another doctor and still have enough for that person to do in our existing facilities, but it would give us the option to add more.”