Raze Logemann Center, parking study says
Mequon Council to discuss report tonight

By Gary Achterberg - News Graphic Staff

August 8, 2017

MEQUON — A long-awaited parking study commissioned by the city of Mequon recommends razing the Logemann Center building to provide additional parking in the Town Center area.

Aldermen plan to discuss the 110-page-long report when the Mequon Common Council meets at City Hall at 7:30 tonight. A variety of options related to redevelopment of the Logemann Center property will be presented at a Sept. 12 meeting, City Engineer Kristen Lundeen wrote in a memo to aldermen.

The city spent $58,238 for the study by Cedarburg-based Traffic Analysis & Design Inc. It analyzed and documemented existing and future parking demands for several scenarios:

Full buildout and lease of the initial phase of the Mequon Town Center development at the corner of Mequon and Cedarburg roads.

Redevelopment of the Mequon civic campus. A group called Foxtown Ventures has proposed raising funds for substantial renovations of the swimming pool, reconfiguring the layout of the Rennicke Field baseball facility and several other improvements.

A proposed redevelopment of the Logemann Center to the Backwoods Pub & Grill. That development has been proposed by former Alderman John Leszcynski and his wife, Laura. The Common Council approved proceeding with negotiating the sale of the Logemann Center to the Leszcynskis in June. The approval came with a number of conditions, including providing sufficient parking.

Aldermen broadened the scope of the proposal in June – at an additional cost of $7,640 – to include a preliminary parking study for Spur 16, the second proposed phase of the Mequon Town Center, which will include apartments and a variety of retail along Mequon Road just west of the railroad tracks and the Ozaukee Interurban Trail.

“Based on the existing parking demand and vacancies, it is clear there is not enough parking supply provided for (the first phase of the Town Center),” TADI wrote in the conclusion to its report. “The parking supply issues are expected to increase with the future infill of the vacant spaces (in the first phase of the Town Center).

“To provide an adequate parking supply, it is recommended to raze the Logemann Community Center building and reconfigure the City Hall and Logemann Community Center lots to provide between 30 and 50 additional parking spaces,” the report added.

TADI based its study on counts of cars parking in the area during a variety of different scenarios:

A spring weekday with municipal court not in session, the pool closed and a baseball game in the evening

A spring weekday with municipal court in session, the pool closed and a late-afternoon baseball game

A summer weekday with the pool open and no baseball game

A summer Saturday with the pool open and baseball games throughout the day

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