Once a Wisconsinite, always a Wisconsinite

By KEN MERRILL - Daily News

August 25, 2017

West Bend-born Courtney Timblin has lived in the Phoenix area since graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.
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You know what they say you can take the woman out of Wisconsin, but you cant take the Wisconsin out of the woman.

Courtney Timblin is proof of that.

Timblin, 33, has lived in the Phoenix area for about 10 years now. Born in West Bend, she attended St. Marys in Barton through second grade, then went to Kewaskum schools after her parents Tom and Debbie moved there.

She said she often gets that youre not from around here reaction.

I get it all the time, she said in a recent telephone interview. Oh my god, youre not from here. I take it as such a compliment. Theres a lot of Midwestern people out here and I have so much pride about coming from Wisconsin. Its always worked as a positive in my life.

Timblin was a standout golfer at Kewaskum High School and went on to play at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, where she earned degrees in business administration and health promotions.

After graduating, she headed west, taking a job at The Phoenician, a resort complex in Scottsdale, a Phoenix suburb.

She got a lucky break, so to speak, when she interviewed for a position as a personal assistant to a woman named Lynn Julian. It seems that Julian had injured her foot and, with two small kids, needed help managing her busy schedule.

She had just started this company and I went a interviewed with her and we just hit it off, Timblin said.

The company Julian co-founded is Scottsdale-based U Konserve, which creates waste-free lunch kits that dont send all the trash from school lunches to landfills. According to the companys website (www.ukonserve.com), the companys goal is to offer reusable and innovative solutions to change behavior and help the planet. That is the same goal that drives our mission today.

I was doing personal assistant stuff and I just kinda jumped in and helped out with the company, Timblin said. The company continued to grow every year and my role with the company kept evolving.

Evolving to the point where shes now director of operations, managing the day-to-day workings of the company.

Its been such an interesting and fun ride to see how we grow every year, Timblin said. Its been such a great journey and Ive gotten to learn so many things. Our company prides itself on impacting peoples lives, making a small change and having a big impact.

Its so rewarding to be a part of something thats not just going to your job every day and punching a clock.

Shes maintained an active lifestyle, too. Timblin tries to start her day with a workout, is an avid hiker and still golfs when she gets the chance.

Still, its been a bid of an adjustment to the weather in Phoenix.

Weve gotten snow maybe twice, she said, but Flagstaff is only two hours away and they have mountains and snow there. Obviously, its a very different landscape.

I have a lot of great friends out here, Timblin said. I mean I still have my core friends in Wisconsin, the people I went to high school and college with. I come home multiple times throughout the year and Im a total Wisconsin loyalist Im a Packer fan, a Brewers fan.

Shes gotten involved with the Junior League in Phoenix, too, and this year co-chairs a committee for something called HealthFest, described as a family-friendly event that features health and wellness vendors, activities, bounce houses, cooking and fitness demonstrations and free health screenings.

We have people that come to give free immunizations and free dental checks, Timblin said. We had a kid zone last year, we got the mascots (from Phoenix-area sports teams) to come and there were DJs. I have a lot of passion for the things I do so its really a natural for me.

The next HealthFest event is planned for March 2018.

Im so excited about it its going to be great, Timblin said. This may sound so cliched, but I have met so many incredible people who are so inspiring. Im like how do get all this done? Its like a second full time-job for me but you always find time to do stuff you really like to do.

As for that first full-time job, Timblin clearly loves what shes doing.

Im fully invested in the company, she said. My boss I also call her my Arizona family I spend the holidays with her and her kids and Ive gone to graduations and stuff like that. Its given me roots here in Arizona and its been great for me.

What about the future?

I do want to get married and have a family, Timblin said. Career-wise, I see a lot of growth with this company so Id like to continue down that path.

And what advice would she offer to young(er) people?

I think its really important for people to take some time to look at their life to set some priorities and goals, Timblin said. You just have to work toward it a little bit each day. Make a list of things that are important to you and sometimes you have to push yourself to things that might make you uncomfortable.

I try things that push me out of my comfort zone weekly Id like to say daily but I dont have time for that. Whether its so small as trying a new restaurant or something as large as trying a new industry, which I did when I moved to Arizona. Sometimes youll find that it doesnt work for you but there is so much growth in knowing things that dont work for you just as much as knowing things that do.