Settlement reached between Spaulding Clinical and past president

By ALEX BELD - Daily News

August 31, 2017

The civil case between former Spaulding Clinical President John Farrelly and CEO Randol Spaulding ended Friday, resulting in the dismissal of the court trial, which was scheduled to begin Monday.

Farrelly’s attorney Erik Eisenmann said “There was a confidential agreement and the case was dismissed.” He said no other information could be shared on the case.

Documents filed with the court stated, “It is hereby ordered that this matter is dismissed on its merits, with prejudice (permanently) and without costs to any party.”

Farrelly accused Spaulding of terminating his employment in an unjust manner. There has been disagreement about whether Farrelly resigned or was terminated and what the meaning of just cause for termination is.

More specifically, Farrelly accused Spaulding of breach of contract, breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, promissory estoppel, unjust enrichment and intentional interference with a contract.

More than $240,000 was being sought from Farrelly, but it is unclear what amount, if any, was given to Farrelly in the settlement. Farrelly could not be reached for comment and an email to Spaulding Clinical LLC was not responded to.

The pair most recently appeared in court May 19 to discuss motions prior to the trial. By Aug. 7, both parties filed their proposed special verdicts in the case.

Questions asked in the special verdicts would have asked the jury whether Farrelly had a contract with Spaulding, if Spaulding interfered, whether the interference was intentional, and if it caused harm to Farrelly. Among other questions the jury would have also been asked how much money they felt was owed to Farrelly, if any.