Vacation leads to business idea
The Nail Bar in West Bend opens Friday


Sept. 6, 2017

Lisa Lorenz smiles as she holds the drink menu Friday morning at The Nail Bar in West Bend. The salon is expected to open Friday. Nonalcoholic drinks and kiddie cocktails are offered to customers. ' I think it just makes it more of an experience,' said Lorenz about offering drinks.
John Ehlke/Daily News

Lisa Lorenz’s trip to Texas offered more than the chance to see a friend, it also provided the foundation for a business idea that evolved into The Nail Bar located in downtown West Bend.

During her visit, the two frequented the area’s nail salons and as she toured the establishments, she realized they provided an upscale service that included beverages and delicacies for customers as they were getting their nails done.

“Like I said, my best friend lives in Dallas, Texas, and we were just talking,” she said. “It is just such a different lifestyle down there. You can do this type of stuff. They have it everywhere where you can pop in and get a group service done. It was way more upscale. When you went there, they had the towels over the arms and they had the drinks, the chocolates and it was a different experience than they have in this area.

Since that type of amenity wasn’t available in the West Bend area so far as she could tell, she decided to incorporate adopt the business model in Wisconsin — the main difference is that Lorenz’s beverages will not contain any alcohol.

Leah Dahm, 7, of West Bend, left, pretends to work on the nails of Aria Lorenz, 7, while her mother, Jacki, far right, has her nails done by nail technician Wendy Lightner on Friday morning at The Nail Bar in West Bend.
John Ehlke/Daily News

Every month, Lorenz offers a specific type of beverage that is included with the service for those who come into the shop. She also offers chocolate that will pair with the drink for customers to enjoy.

There are other drinks that will be available on a regular basis, but specialty drinks and the brand of chocolates will change monthly so customers will get a different treat depending on the time of year they decide to visit.

“We have our raspberry lemonade spritzer, which is our drink of the month and it is paired with our milk chocolate truffle, which is for this month,” Lorenz said.

They also have a coffee bar, as well as a cold and hot drink bar available.

Greg Lorenz works on installing the sign for The Nail Bar Friday morning in West Bend.
John Ehlke/Daily News

However, the main reason customers will visit the shop is for the nail service — and Lorenz along with her staff offer a range of products and amenities.

There is the Shellac Manicure listed for $30 that includes a cuticle soak and trimming, buffing the top of

the nails and trimming them to desired length. There is also a massage with hempz lotion and a 14-day polish.

To ensure the service nail technicians provide is consistent, each provider undergoes a training regimen before they are permitted to work on clients’ nails.

Services are also available for children.

Nail technician Wendy Lightner of West Bend, left, works on the nails of Jacki Dahm of West Bend.
John Ehlke/Daily News

“We have a kid’s menu,” Lorenz said. “We offer mini manicures, mini pedicures. We have an array of glitters that are great for the kids. We offer kid cocktails that are non-caffeinated. It is all served on wine glasses so they feel it is like a mother-daughter outing.”

She added, “I feel this makes it feel more like an experience. You are not just coming in, getting a service and now you are just gone. That is what I wanted to do here. I wanted it to be more of an experience instead of coming in and feeling like it is just a service.”