More than just a cake
Self-taught baker turns ideas into beautiful creations

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff

Sept. 15, 2017

JusMemi Cake Design owner Tamika Terrell opened her business on Grand Avenue in June.
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WAUKESHA - A special occasions cake is so much more than an edible treat - it is an artistic creation and a symbolization of a momentous reason to celebrate. The emotions they can evoke can be quite powerful, said JusMemi Cake Design owner Tamika Terrell.

When Terrell got into cake decorating she had no idea how a "cake would make someone feel as good as it does. I have had people cry. People who are in disbelief."

It's the people part of the business that she enjoys the most, she said.

Terrell opened JusMemi Cake Design on the Carroll University campus at 210 N. Grand Ave. on June 3, but walk-in traffic has been slow so at the end of the month she will be switching only to custom orders. She will, however, probably still have some Saturday walk-in hours or during special events. She makes cakes, cheesecakes and cupcakes, but also sells cookies and doughnuts she buys wholesale.

A unicorn cake by JusMemi Cake Design owner Tamika Terrell.
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The cheesecakes come in 13 different flavors and there about 12 flavors of dessert cupcakes.

"I have met some amazing people. Some of my clients have become some of my closest friends," she said.

Terrell got into baking while working at Sam's Club, where she managed the bakery section. She said the department was assigned to her despite her lack of formal training. To be successful in the department, she said, she had to learn how to make cakes.

From there, Terrell developed her skills and started to work from her home two years ago making cakes for weddings, anniversaries and baby showers. When she discovered the storefront on Grand Avenue, she decided to take the jump and open up a more visible business.

JusMemi Cake Design owner Tamika Terrell especially enjoys making wedding cakes.
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When customers come in to JusMemi Cake Design, Terrell said they usually have an idea that she then executes. When it comes to techniques for decorating cakes, she said she just learns as she goes by experimenting, watching YouTube videos and participating in online seminars.

The name for the business came from her Terrell's nickname, Memi. She said her oldest nephew couldn't say Tamika, so he called her Memi, which stuck.

Since opening the business, Terrell said, it continues to grow and she welcomes new orders. She encourages people to reach out via email,, or phone at 414-469-7441, or check out her website,

She also wants to provide services to any businesses or schools that are hosting upcoming events and need desserts.