Allo! Chocolat sold to new local owners
Transition will take place at the start of October

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff

Sept. 20, 2017

Roger and Carrie Igielski behind the counter of Allo! Chocolat in downtown Waukesha.
File photo

WAUKESHA — About 16 months after it was listed for sale, Allo! Chocolat in downtown Waukesha has found new owners.

Founders and owners Carrie and Roger Igielski sent an email to their customers this week saying that after 11 years of operation as of Sept. 15, the time has come for them to pursue other interests.

“These eleven years have been incredibly fun and filled with great memories, but the time has come to say farewell to the business that we love! As of October 1st, the store will be under the direction of new owners as the shop has been sold to a local couple who are very excited to take Allô! Chocolat to the next level,” reads the email.

In the email, the Igielskis say the new owners will be named soon. They did say that the new owners have small-business experience and they believe the store will be kept in its current location on Main Street.

“They also intend to retain our quality staff members and use the same blend of premium chocolate that we have used during the store’s existence, so the quality of the product and customer service will not diminish. Needless to say, we are VERY excited about them and look forward to the future as they take over with fresh vision and energy!,” according to the email.

The Igielskis said they plan to spend the near future in their new home near Palmyra and more time with their children and the grandchildren, in addition to traveling to destinations and “recharging for the next adventure, which has yet to be identified but will not be in chocolate as our only go-to place for chocolate will continue to be Allô! Chocolat.”

Carrie and Roger Igielski said they plan to spend as much time as they can in the store during the next two weeks to talk with customers.

“We have made so many friends through Allô! Chocolat and that will be our greatest loss in selling the business. You all have blessed our lives over the past 11 years. Thank you for your support and friendship!,” reads the email.