One big burger
Sobelman's offers culinary version of Lambeau Leap

By Nicholas Dettmann - Conley News Service

Sept. 26, 2017

Ken Jelacic of West Allis rips a portion of the Lambeau Leap burger apart Friday afternoon at Sobelman's in Richfield. Jelacic was unable to finish the burger in one sitting but took a third of it home with him.
John Ehlke/Daily News
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RICHFIELD - Ken Jelacic of West Allis took the Lambeau Leap at Sobelman's Pub and Grill and he couldn't believe there was a side of french fries, too.

"You're kidding me, right?" he joked.

The side of french fries was minor considering the size of the burger in the same tray - a 3-pound burger with six hamburger patties, 18 slices of cheese (six American, six cheddar and six Swiss), 18 slices of bacon, fried onions and jalapenos.

Jelacic also had a soda, and said it wasn't a diet one.

The burger, which costs $19.75, was unveiled shortly before the NFL's regular season began. Jelacic was the seventh brave soul to give this burger, which has an estimated 6,110 calories, a try.

The challengers are 0 for 7.

Two cooks construct a Lambeau Leap burger Friday afternoon at Sobelman's in Richfield.
John Ehlke/Daily News

In order to eat it, Jelacic cut the burger into thirds. He finished two-thirds of it, but had to wave the proverbial white flag on the final third.

"The patties were a little bigger than I thought," Jelacic said.

Al Hochmuth, owner of the Sobelman's franchise location in Richfield, said the burger can be ordered at any time. All the cooks on staff are trained to cook it and assemble it. No reservations are needed for it if someone wants to take on the challenge.

Hochmuth said the burger can be ready in about 10-15 minutes.

Not long ago, four people ordered it at the same time - all at one table.

Available at Waukesha Sobelman's, other locations

It can be ordered at any of Sobelman's five locations. Including Richfield, Sobelman's also has two locations in Milwaukee (1900 W. St. Paul Ave. and 1601 W. Wells St.), and one each in Waukesha (332 Williams St.) and Mequon (10352 N. Port Washington Road).

Those who finish the burger can receive a gift from Sobelman's.

At Sobelman's, customers can order the Sobelman, which is one hamburger patty, three slices of cheese, three slices of bacon, fried onions and jalapenos. There is also what is called "The Big SOB," which is triple the size of the Sobelman.

The Lambeau Leap is simply a triple of "The Big SOB."

Sobelman's wanted to celebrate the start of the NFL season and that's how the idea of the Lambeau Leap came up.

"Sobelman's has always had the burger and people could order it with as many patties as they wanted," Hochmuth said. "All that we did was tie it into the Packers and call it a Lambeau Leap and come up with six patties to represent the score of a touchdown."

Hochmuth said what makes the sandwich special is not the six hamburger patties, but the three cheeses. And that was what stood out to him when he saw it for the first time.

"That's a lot of cheese," he remembered thinking. "It melts perfectly down the sides."

Jelacic said the pile of meat was what stood out to him.

"Wow," Jelacic said when he saw a picture of the burger for the first time, adding, "Who'd try something like that?"

So why did he try it?

"I'm a Packers fan," he said, wearing green and gold face paint and an Aaron Rodgers jersey. "Maybe get in the paper."