Waukesha Tattoo Company now provides tattoo removal
Options range from lightening to elimination

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff

Sept. 26, 2017

Rich Cseri works on a sleeve tattoo at Waukesha Tattoo Company.
File photo

WAUKESHA - It's only human nature to do something that we eventually regret, but when it comes to a tattoo it's a permanent reminder of a careless decision or a life change.

George Wang, owner of Waukesha Tattoo Company, said he'd have people come into his downtown Waukesha business wanting to alter an existing tattoo, but the result wasn't always the prettiest.

"Over the years we see a lot of tattoos that need to get reworked and covered up. And a lot of them these days are a pretty big mess," Wang said. "To cover them we need to do a lot bigger and darker."

When Wang heard about Astanza Trinity Laser Tattoo Removal, he thought it would be a good addition to his business.

"We can either do a full removal so the person won't have any of the unwanted tattoo anymore or lighten it up so we don't have to put anything big or gaudy over it," he said.

Pricing for the service starts around $80, but on Friday the 13th, Wang said there will be a discount promotion so people can learn about the system.

The Astanza Trinity featured at Waukesha Tattoo Company is a combination laser system. The Trinity supports three wavelengths - 1064 nm, 532 nm, and 694 nm - for full-spectrum tattoo removal across a wide range of tattoo ink colors, including resistant blue and green inks.

"Waukesha Tattoo Company is an amazing full-service tattoo studio that strives to give their clients the best overall experience and results," said Bryce Fisher, Astanza sales representative, in a statement. "The Astanza Trinity is sure to give Waukesha residents a solution to their tattoo regret."

Wang said customers will come to Waukesha Tattoo Company and have an idea about how they want to go from point A to point C with their tattoos, but he said first they need to go to point B, which the laser system will help achieve.

The process of using the Astanza Trinity is fairly quick and a cooling machine is also used to ease discomfort, Wang said.

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