H5G introduces new bowling pants for men and women

By Freeman Staff

Sept. 28, 2017

Women’s bowling pants by H5G have a yoga feel.
Submitted photo

NEW BERLIN — As part of its plan to change the way people view bowling, H5G has created new bowling pants for men and women.

The New Berlin-based company introduced Wednesday new lines of fitand- function bowling pants for men and fit-andfashion practice attire for women bowlers.

“Our company set out to create products that would change the perception of bowling,” said H5G President Todd Molbeck in a statement. “We’ve accomplished that objective through our line of high-quality, professional-looking products, so now is the time to take the next step in creating a new image for bowling and bowlers.”

H5G created fit-and-function bowling pants for men.
Submitted photo

The line of “pro fit” bowling pants for men are designed for fit, flexibility, comfort and support, Molbeck said. The new product line has been approved by the United States Bowling Congress for collegiate competition.

The new women’s signature practice gear was designed in a yoga pant style.

“H5G apparel was created to look beyond the conventional ideas of industry standards. Engineered to optimize performance and comfort, H5G offers some of the most progressive and original shirts on the market in addition to its newest products,” reads the announcement.