Bucky’s Lakeside plans to reopen soon

By Jake Meister - Freeman Staff

Sept. 28, 2017

Bucky’s Lakeside Pub & Grill will remain closed until its owners find a business partner who can keep tabs on its kitchen operations.
Jake Meister/Freeman Staff

OCONOMOWOC — An owner of Bucky’s Lakeside Pub & Grill said the Okauchee Lake establishment should soon reopen once the kitchen staffing issues that caused it to close earlier this month are rectified.

Ray Bucholtz, who identifies as the majority owner of the establishment, said the business has been plagued by kitchen staffing issues for a year and those problems came to a head over Labor Day weekend when the entire kitchen staff didn’t show up. He said his only option was to close the business.

“It was horrendous,” Bucholtz recalled.

The reason the kitchen staff chose to not show, Bucholtz believes, is that many became burned out by the growing volume of work and the resulting stress.

“They weren’t prepared,” he added.

Bucholtz said he doesn’t have a culinary background and that the kitchen side of the business is, and will always be, his weakness.

“If you aren’t from the culinary side it’s really difficult these days because that pool is really tough to work in,” Bucholtz said. “I underestimated it.” Bucholtz said Bucky’s will be closed until it can find an additional business partner that can strengthen the kitchen — preferably a chef.

“It just comes down to leadership in the kitchen,” Bucholtz explained. “We just didn’t have strong, good leaders.”

Bucholtz said Monday that Bucky’s Lakeside Pub & Grill has potential partners and it hopes to decide on one that can handle the kitchen within the next couple of days.

The exact date the restaurant would reopen wasn’t provided.

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