Common Council OKs Stroebel project rezoning

By Laurie Arendt - News Graphic Staff

Sept. 28, 2017

CEDARBURG — The proposed $22-million project for the corner of Sheboygan Road and Highway 60 received unanimous rezoning approval from the Cedarburg Common Council Monday night, though council members noted it was just one step in a long process.

“This project is really designed as a high-end project,” said developer Duey Stroebel, who noted that unit rents will be between approximately $1,200 and $2,000 per month. “We are looking at the ‘renter-by-choice’ market – the empty nesters and the young professionals who aren’t interested in home ownership.”

Stroebel also added that there is a demand in the marketplace for this type of development.

“I believe the last time a higher-end apartment complex was developed in Cedarburg was more than 20 years ago,” he said.

As proposed, the project will encompass 18.7 acres and include 12 16-unit apartment buildings for a total of 192 units, along with a clubhouse accessible by all residents. As planned, each apartment will have a separate entrance. Stroebel added that the design of the project includes four elevations that give the buildings a more residential feel.

He also noted that he has had a letter of support for the project from Cornerstone Development, the developer of the adjacent Glen and Cedar Creek.

“We’ve worked to successfully address and meet some conditions of concern and Cornerstone is in support of our project,” he said.

Council members asked what Stroebel’s timeline would be for complete build out of the project and what his intent will be once it is complete.

“Once the project starts, we’re probably looking at two years from start to finish, with the clubhouse also being built right away as that’s an amenity people are looking for,” he said. “And I do plan to own the development – I don’t really ever sell anything. I imagine my kids will own this someday.”

Public comment at the hearing to rezone the parcels from High Density Residential Housing to a temporary residential use and then to PUD Multiple-Family Residential District/ Planned Unit Development was limited to a single resident who questioned the traffic impact the project would have on the area.

“Sheboygan Road is classified as an arterial road; it’s intended to pass traffic through,” said City Planner Jon Censky. “This plan does make sense in that respect as we expect most of the traffic to flow north to Highway 60.”

“We can definitely address the speed limit issue on Sheboygan Road, but some of it is out of our control and under the jurisdiction of the county,” said Mayor Kip Kinzel. “It’s also a question that can be brought up with the police chief. But it will certainly be looked at as part of this process.”