Banking trends lead Citizens Bank to redesign branches
New Mukwonago location to be smaller, more high-tech

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff

Sept. 30, 2017

Citizens Bank is constructing a smaller bank branch on Mukwonago's south side
that will be more high-tech.
Submitted rendering

MUKWONAGO - Its no secret that people are increasingly using their cellphones to complete banking transactions and credit or debit cards to pay for purchases, so in response, Citizens Bank decided to construct smaller branch locations and continue improving their banking technology.

Citizens Bank is planning to construct a 1,279-square-foot branch location with two drive-thru windows off Rochester Street near the new Qdoba and Starbucks. Once completed, the branch will replace the existing location on the south side of the village, which is 1,600 square feet with four drive-thru windows.

CEO Charlie Miller said people are going to branch locations less often and opting for mobile options. Even laptops are being used less frequently for banking, he said.

We are trying to adapt, he said.

The new location, which he hopes will be open early in 2018, will have a more modern look and an outdoor patio space with three tables, similar to Qdoba and Starbucks that will be across the parking lot. An interior lobby will be mostly glass. There will be a lounge area with a TV displaying updates on the financial market and sports. A high-top table will offer an alternative place for staff and customers to work and connect to the free WiFi.

Miller said as more people use their phones for managing their finances, there are still those who want that human connection. So while some banks are closing branches, Citizens Bank recognizes its mixed customer base and wants to offer physical locations.

In fact, even ATM traffic is dropping as people use cash less often, but there are still some people who want access to one. So Miller said Citizens Bank will continue to provide ATM services.

In the future, similar changes will appear at the Citizens Bank in the Town of Genesee.

Miller said the plan is to build a new, smaller location to replace the existing branch near highways 59 and 83.