Board & Brush reopens as Thirsty Hammer

News Graphic Staff

Oct. 5, 2017

CEDARBURG — Though it has a new name and a slightly different feel, The Thirsty Hammer Workshop is still the Cedarburg do-it-yourself art studio owned by business partners Katie Hartzheim and Jackie Ertl.

“We left the Board & Brush franchise and became an independent studio on Sept. 1,” said Hartzheim. “It gives us a little more flexibility in what we are able to offer – you won’t just be doing the designs that are in every city that has a Board & Brush.”

While painted wood signs are still part of the studio, Hartzheim said that the change allows The Thirsty Hammer Workshop to offer projects in other mediums.

The studio briefly closed after leaving the franchise for a quick redesign and reset and has returned to normal business hours. They have a Facebook page and a website at