Hilton to open 'midscale' hotel near The Corners
82-room facility will replace Goerkes Park Business Center

By DAVE FIDLIN - Special to the Freeman

October 7, 2017

TOWN OF BROOKFIELD - A global hotel chain known for offering higher-end amenities is bringing a new, scaled-down concept within its brand portfolio to redeveloped space near The Corners.

Hilton Worldwide has announced it intends to open an 82-room lodging facility, Tru by Hilton, at 20925 Watertown Road. The Goerkes Park Business Center currently occupies the property and will be redeveloped to make way for the new hotel.

The new project carries a price tag of close to $12 million.

Tru, unveiled in early 2016, is the newest branding concept under the Hilton umbrella. Several hundred properties under the name have since popped up across the U.S. and Canada.

Company executives have targeted Tru properties toward a “midscale” clientele described as cost consciousness, yet desiring some of the higher quality amenities and experiences that might be a cut above other value-oriented chains.

“As we developed Tru, we wanted to challenge everything we thought we knew about how a hotel in this category should be designed and to shift guests’ behavior and expectations,” Phil Cordell, global head of Hilton Worldwide’s focused service brands, said in a statement.

According to Hilton Worldwide’s marketing materials, Tru properties have a number of amenities that set the brand apart from other Hilton sites.

Tru properties, for instance, refer to their lobby and commons areas as “hives” and are cordoned off into four zones designed to give guests an opportunity to relax, work, eat and play in one general area.

Play Zone, Command Center

Contemporary offerings designed to appeal to the company’s target clientele include an area called The Play Zone, which features table games, a large-screen TV and tiered, stadium-inspired seating.

The front desk is called the Command Center. It offers such features as a social media wall and a round-theclock area where snacks and refreshments are served.

In a news release announcing the new hotel concept, Hilton Worldwide executives said they believe Tru serves an untapped market.

“More than 40 percent of all U.S. hotel stays are within the midscale and economy sectors, and Tru by Hilton addresses a gap in the marketplace by appealing to the youthful mindset demographic, pushing the industry to marry quality and value,” Jim Holthouser, executive vice president of global brands with Hilton Worldwide, said in a statement.

Tru’s entry into the town was made official Tuesday after municipal officials went through a series of motions, including rezoning the site from office to a general business district designation.

Two appointed bodies — the Plan Commission and Community Development Authority — reviewed plans in special meetings Tuesday before advancing plans for the 24,000-square-foot hotel to the decision-making Town Board the same evening.

Several town officials expressed concerns of how the new development might impact traffic on Watertown Road, although there was unanimous approval and enthusiasm for the site.

“This is a chance to put something really great in that spot,” town Supervisor Ryan Stanelle said.

A timetable for redeveloping the site for the hotel was not discussed at Tuesday’s meeting. Approval was made with the caveat that town officials receive a master plan of the development.