Sharing a love of flowers
Local florist hopes to help make someone’s day

By ALEX BELD - Daily News

Oct. 11, 2017

Owner Amanda Strassburg cuts the stems of flowers Tuesday afternoon at Consider the Lilies in West Bend. The flowers are for a national event called Petal it Forward. The first 75 people to enter the floral store today will receive two bouquets of flowers — one for the person to keep and another to share with someone else.
John Ehlke/Daily News

Amanda Strassburg, owner of Consider the Lilies, is bringing something fresh to downtown West Bend today with her participation in Petal it Forward. It’s the first year any shop in West Bend has participated.

The event, which was started by the Society of American Florists, is in its third year and is about attempting to brighten the days of strangers and loved ones. Strassburg, a member of SAF, hopes to give the first 75 customers two bouquets, one for themselves and the other to surprise someone else.

“Flowers make a positive impact on people and flowers are a great way to put a smile on someone’s face,” Strassburg said. She added she would have about 200 bouquets and more than 1,100 flowers.

Some single flowers will also be handed out by those helping Strassburg today.

According to a survey conducted by SAF, 88 percent of Americans said giving flowers makes them feel happy and 80 percent indicated receiving flowers does the same.

SAF said in its survey results that, “Just being around flowers improves your mood. Seventy-six percent of Americans agree that having flowers in their home or office improves their mood.”

Strassburg places a bouquet of flowers in a tub of water after cutting the stems Tuesday afternoon at Consider the Lilies in West Bend.
John Ehlke/Daily News

In all, about 19 flower shops in Wisconsin are participating and a second shop in West Bend, Bits ‘N Pieces Floral, is also participating. Shops are also participating throughout all 50 states and in at least 273 cities.

SAF said on its website, “Petal It Forward illustrates the positive benefits of giving and receiving flowers, positions your business as a do-gooder, increases employee morale, and can increase your visibility in the community ...” The U.S. Small Business Administration may not have a comment on flowers, but said, “One of the best ways to increase foot traffic is to host a community or charity event.”

They added it’s also helpful to work with other businesses or create a tie-in to a topical event.

Strassburg is, however, more focused on the non-business aspect of this event.

She said part of why she creates arrangements and gives people flowers is “the emotional side of it, it’s the privilege I feel I have.”

Strassburg said she gets to convey the feelings people have for each other through flowers.

Today, customers and anyone else who happens to be by the downtown area will have a chance to share that experience with her.