West Bend officials OK mixed-use development
Project on Wisconsin Street will feature residential and commercial space


Oct. 17, 2017

From left, Ellen Chamberlain of Minneapolis, Chris Moore of West Bend and Chuck Moore of Minneapolis ride their bicycles along the Eisenbahn State Trail on Friday morning near a lot for sale on Water Street in West Bend.
John Ehlke/Daily News

A new development project is planned near the downtown West Bend area that will hopefully create additional residential and commercial activity for the city.

During their Sept. 25 meeting, members of the Common Council voted to approve an agreement with Urban Vantage to develop the lot at 122 Wisconsin St. near Dublin’s.

“It is a mixed-use building going on the site,” Development Director Mark Piotrowicz said. “The site plans had been previously approved by the Plan Commission. The agreement simply brings forward all of the terms of the offer to purchase that you had previously approved, and also the site plan requirements from Plan Commission’s approval.”

According to the accompanying memo sent by Business and Development Planner James Reinke, the construction project will be a 5,653-square-foot, three-story building. The first floor will consist of a commercial unit for Quam Engineering.

Along with that will be 10 apartments, two of which will share the first-floor space with Quam, while the other two floors will have four units each.

The agreement states that developer will purchase the lot from the city for $1 in exchange for constructing the building on the site. The developer will bear the cost of the development, which could include properly installing metal stakes or spikes that mark the property’s boundaries and make improvements to the location by connecting the electrical, telephone, cable television and utilizes on the site.

The developer will be responsible for removing snow and ice from the sidewalks at the location as well as the public driveway. Aside from that, representatives from Urban Vantage will be remediate the area according to recommendations from officials at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

“I think the two key points in the developer’s agreement are that it is a known site for contamination,” City Administrator Jay Shambeau said. “That is addressed in the developer’s agreement between us and Urban Vantage. “It will depend on the testing, but yes, I believe there will be some clean up before they start building.”

Along with the developer’s agreement, council members also voted to approve a loan to Urban Vantage representatives in the amount of $120,000 via the revolving loan fund.

“The reason they are receiving that money is because they are growing seven living-wage jobs, relocating their business from Highway 33 to that location and the loan is for the structural portion of the entity, not the residential component,” Shambeau said.

Earlier in the year, council members amended their revolving loan fund rules to accommodate such a request.

“The city is excited that we have a buyer for that property and that it is going to produce positive increment for the city,” Shambeau said. “That was absolutely exciting for the city and for keeping a local business here in West Bend for expansion where they could have chosen to go anywhere.”