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Hartland ‘Kidpreneur’ sells her own lip balm

By Brandon Anderegg - Freeman Staff

Nov. 8, 2017

Cam Prescott loves running her own business. Since Smooch Lip Balm and Slime started three years ago, she has sold hundreds of lip balm sticks.
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HARTLAND — Cam Prescott, a 12-year-old “Kidpreneur,” has started her own line of lip balm called Smooch Lip Balm and Slime.

Smooch Lip Balm is made from raw African shea butter, organic beeswax, sweet almond oil and flavored with essential oils, according to the website. Cam said slime is just a gooey, fun-to-play-with substance that she also makes.

The idea behind starting her own line of lip balm and slime came to pass after Cam’s aunt gave her a rudimentary lip balm making kit a few years ago, said Cam. Rachel Prescott, Cam’s mother, said her daughter was fascinated by the idea of creating her own lip balm and she started making it for friends and family.

“I gave them away as Christmas gifts and a lot of my close family members were saying I should make it into a business,” said Cam.

Cam said she was motivated by the concept of running her own business, which prompted her to do a little research. What Cam said she discovered is that people like to shop local — so she asked her mom for help.

Rachel built a website and social media accounts and within a couple of years, Cam’s products made their way to local farmers markets and a few retail stores in the area. While Rachel manages social media since her daughter is only in 7th grade, she said Cam does most of the work. Now, Cam is able to crank out 100 lip balm sticks in an hour.

“She solely does everything on her own,” said Rachel. “I leave it up to her when she wants to do things but of course help her when she needs it.”

At the beginning, Cam’s lip balm wasn’t even labeled and it would take her a while to make since her flavors didn’t have recipes, said Rachel.

“But now it’s a well-tuned machine and she’s so good at it and it’s really fun to just watch her,” said Rachel. “People started coming to her and it was quite crazy.”

Creativity, learning life skills

What Cam loves most about the making lip balm is the creativity behind all of the flavors. But she’s learned a lot along the way too.

“When I do farmers markets and stuff I learned to interact with people professionally,” said Cam. “It’s also taught me a lot about life skills because when people buy your products you get to deal with money.”

Since the business started just under three years ago, Cam has sold hundreds of lip balm sticks. But Rachel said that Cam’s business doesn’t get in the way of her daily routine.

“Getting good grades and being in select soccer club, all that stuff comes first,” said Rachel.

Down the road, Cam said she aspires to be a doctor but opening her own lip balm store isn’t totally out of the question. In the meantime, Rachel said she’ll continue to support her daughter.

“It’s just been a pleasure to watch her do something that she loves,” said Rachel.

Smooch Lip Balm and Slime flavors include lavender, peppermint, tangerine smoothie, honey, key-lime pie, rose petal, rosemary mint, vanilla coffee and raspberry.

Smooch Lip Balm is $3.50 a stick. It can be purchased online or at The Barn Owl in Delafield, Cattywampus in Wauwatosa and Clear Waters Day Spa in Williams Bay and Lake Geneva.

For more information, visit smoochbalm.com or @smoochlipbalm on Facebook.