City hopes to give Summit Avenue corridor shot in the arm

Enterprise Staff

Nov. 9, 2017

OCONOMOWOC — The Oconomowoc Common Council approved Tuesday a resolution authorizing the Community Development Authority to seek interest proposals from groups who would like to spruce up underutilized areas of the Summit Avenue Corridor.

The area is in need of a reinvestment, Oconomowoc Bureau of Economic Development Director Bob Duffy told the council in a presentation.

“The city has met with and received permission from the property owners to engage in a public/private partnership,” a city document explaining the resolution reads. “The intent of the partnership is to encourage investment in the sites and to advance the collective goals for orderly development that supports our suburban quality of density, vitality, livability and diversity to create a revitalized entrance corridor.”

The city and owners of these properties would then consider either selling or leasing the parcels for private development or a comprehensive investment to improve the parcels. They could also take no action at all.

When Alderman Matt Rosek asked if this very process has ever been conducted in the city, Duffy said it hasn’t. Duffy said the process is unique, but a few cities have made such a move, like La Crosse.

Alderman Charlie Shaw asked if the property owners were part of creating the document to which Duffy replied that they hadn’t been involved in that capacity.