Gathering around the fire at Outside Inn
Saloon on Calhoun owners plan to open Muskego restaurant this spring

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff

Nov. 15, 2017

Outside Inn is planned to open during April in the Parkland Towne Center in
Muskego off Janesville Road.
Submitted rendering

MUSKEGO — When the doors of Outside Inn open this spring in Muskego, be prepared to be transported into the woods.

The owners of Saloon on Calhoun with Bacon, Dave Dayler and Jennine Paoli, wanted to create a place in Muskego that would bring people together and make them want to put down their cellphones and tablets in order to socialize. The one place still exists in today’s modern world with that effect, Dayler thought, is the campfire.

“We are in such a time that so many people are so interconnected through their phones, iPads and social networks that it’s not real socializing, it’s social media,” Dayler said.

The hope is to have three different indoor campfires with real exposed flames throughout the 4,200-squarefoot Outside Inn, but the permitting and planning are still ongoing, Dayler said. The Outside Inn is under development in the Parkland Towne Center on Janesville Road.

To give the restaurant and bar that woodsy feeling, there will be trees hanging from the ceiling, water features and a front porch upon which to sit and have a drink.

The food will also be what you could eat at a campsite — burgers, corn on the cob, pork chops and mashed potatoes. And of course, bacon. Dayler said he wants to follow a field-to-plate concept by sourcing items from local farms and using cage-free poultry.

Dayler said when he and Paoli were approached about the idea of expanding their business in Muskego, they did some research and liked the development happening in the city, as well as its similar feel to Brookfield in that it is family-oriented and a tight community.

His hope is that people will come to Outside Inn for a good meal and to gather with family and friends. When the meal time is over, he would like for them to stay and play a game of cribbage, have a beverage and discuss life.

In the warmer months, there will be an outdoor patio with a fire pit and water feature.

Inside, the restaurant will be built around the bar, which will be centrally located, but not the primary focus.

Dayler hopes to open Outside Inn in April if all goes well.