Five-story building proposed in Delafield
Plan Commission to begin deliberations

By Kelly Smith - Special to The Freeman

Nov. 28, 2017

DELAFIELD — Hendricks Commercial Properties is proposing to build a five- story, 107,000 square-foot, multiuse building on the northwest corner of Genesee and Main streets in downtown Delafield that may include 42 condominiums.

The Plan Commission, at its Wednesday meeting, is scheduled to have a “conceptual” discussion about the project with the developers, according to Delafield’s contractual city engineer, Mike Court of Short, Elliott and Hendrickson.

Court said the meeting will give the developers an opportunity to hear commissioners’ preliminary responses to the tentative proposal.

Hendricks Commercial Properties of Beloit owns 14 buildings in downtown Delafield. Most them were built by developer Bob Lang.

Hendricks CEO Rob Gerbitz said the plans are intended to attract an eclectic group of local and regional retail and food outlets while providing additional downtown condominium living.

The four main floors will be about 24,000 square feet. A partial fifth floor will be about 11,300 feet, according to the plans.

Initial plans are for the first floor to be commercial use and 42 two and three bed room residential units on remaining four floors.

However, Gerbitz said there is a possibility that some commercial space may be added to the second floor and the number of residential units on the floor would be reduced.

There will be 103 parking spaces with 84 in a lower-level indoor garage and 19 exterior lots on the site.

Issues posed by plans

The plans pose several zoning, planning and building code issues, according to Court.

One issue is the building’s height. Court acknowledged that the city code restricts downtown buildings to three floors.

Court said a fourth floor might be added if the developers were willing to increase the setback, the distance between the public sidewalk and the building.

“But I think a fifth floor is going to be a stretch,” Court added.

Gerbitz, who is familiar with the city’s codes, suggested the building’s design may make it possible to establish the fifth floor.

“There are going to be a lot more questions raised than just the height and design of the building,” added Tim Aicher, plan commissioner and Common Council president.

He said there is a possibility the city’s long-range master plan may have to be changed, which would require public hearings and the council’s vote, before the project could be approved by the city.

The historic significance of the building site could pose other issues, according to Aicher.

The northwest corner of Main and Genesee Streets was the original site of Hawks Inn, a 19-century stagecoach stop and inn that was moved from that location in the 1960s to make way for a gas station.

The Inn was restored and relocated to Wells Street.

The property is now owned by local gas station owner Gary Nuernberger.

Gerbitz said the architecture and design of the building will respect the historical significance of downtown Delafield.

‘Neighborhood hospital’ proposal

The commission will also hear tentative development plans for another landmark location in the city, the northeast corner of the Hwy 83/Interstate 94 interchange.

The land west of the Holiday Inn Express has remained undeveloped for years. Embree Asset Group of Georgetown Texas is proposing a “Neighborhood Hospital.”

A neighborhood hospital, according to documents submitted to the city, is intended to provide inpatient nursing and an emergency department.

The emergency department will treat minor emergencies that do not require the attention of a specialist.

The inpatient nursing department will have facilities to keep 8 patients overnight.

Examples of treatment by the department will include hospice care, vital sign monitoring, basic respiratory care and treatment of infections, pain, mild poisoning and toxicity cases.

A typical neighbor hospital is a single-story 18,000 square-foot building staffed with physicians, nurses and other medical staff and equipped with an in-house laboratory, CT, X-rays, ultrasound and pharmacy.